Been busy creating, custom orders and other fun stuff !!!

I have been busy both around our house, I have posted about that on my other blog, Our Cute Vintage Cottage , but I have also been working on custom orders, and making keychains, book marks ,  and having so  much fun !!

I made a fun necklace for our oldest  grand daughter who is in band, school color and  music notes with some glass beads, so cute !! She was nice enough to model it for me !!!




she helped me pick out the charms when I was ordering , we were both thrilled with how it came out !!

My mother in law is out visiting and we took her to a nice shopping center we had never taken her to before and I found some treasures to make into key chains, they will be in my store next week after she leaves and I can make them up, photograph and list them !! the lighting is terrible, they are really cute gold heart earrings with rainbowish rhinestones and red rhinestone balls, and then I got some gold keychain necklaces for really cheap, so I can  harvest the gold key chains for the gold hearts , one for each earring on clearance.



then I got this cute keychain that I will add beads and maybe a charm too, so cute !!

this one is silver metal and clear rhinestones



the two necklace keychains in gold also have gold crosses I can  use for a fun project too. I will find something fun to do w2ith the small white beaded chain as well.





I will get much better pictures when I take them of the finished projects and I will take these again during the day and get clearer ones, it is seven at night and the room is just not bright enough for clear bright pictures !!

I am also working on another custom project, I will share more about that later, but these are some of the things I am getting or have gotten for that project !!











dragon flies are the main theme, and purples and golds and maybe some g reens, some interesting projects that I have never done for a really fun customer !! I will share as we get the design worked out and hopefully she will be willing to send me picures and let me post them of when she gets them and displays them !!

She and I are also working on another projects in rich blues, brown and golds as well. So, lots to share as we start getting the materials in, many that I have not shared and I can show you what we are designing !!

I am also making some custom wine charms, so fun, for a customer in a pirate theme, so much fun, here are some of our charms we are working with and she is deciding which she wants to use !! Black and red is the color scheme and what fun this order is !! I had strung one set on head pins to put beads on and then I had found the other charms, so I am waiting to see which ones she choses. I have a set like the head pin set already made up in black, but if she choses to use the ones in the picture, I will relist those on Etsy.



I have a necklace custom order, two of them and some bracelets I am waiting to get from a friend to take apart and make them three bracelets by thining them out. she bought a white and a blue heavily beaded charm bracelets. I recently did a pink for her with only beaded charms on every other link, she wants me to take every other linkk off of each and create a blue and white bracelet.

I am still working on the Grace Kelly project too, that is a long term piece we are slowly getting together.

So, a lot of fun customers and orders and then in between I squeeze in some keychains and other goodies.

My studio is a huge mess still, but at least I am able to be productive in it  while I wait until we can get it all together !!

A spring picture to end this post, our yard some of my new plants !!





Thanks for stopping by !!



2 responses to “Been busy creating, custom orders and other fun stuff !!!”

  1. Oooh I love those heart earrings !


  2. I did too, they are so cute, they are both keychains now !!!


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