Been busy , and pretty productive around here

My studio is still a mess per se, but I am at least being productive and working on all kinds of things and that is good !!

We have figured out we have to completely move the studio around, but until we move the  pile of stuff out of one corner, we are kind of stuck, so, the studio will stay as it is for now, as my mother in law is coming out tomorrow for a week and we  plan to enjoy our time with  her through Easter and then we can go back to working on the house !! So, two more weeks of a messy studio, and then we can reconfigure it and I will  have it all organized and we can set up my hubbys stain glass studio too !!

Here is what I have been working on and I am so proud of them and love how they came out !! All of these have a hook, even if it is not pictured !!

Each one is 9.98 plus 2.50 shipping, which is what it costs me to ship them with the bubble mailers and postage  I only charge a small amount per added item, so shopping is always cheaper on shipping for more than one item, most Etsy sellers do that !!

Also, I have ten percent off coupon code  listed at the top of my shop page, along with 15 percent code  off of 40 bucks and consider it wholesave if you spend a hundred and  have a 30 percent coupon code off on any order 100 or more !!


























I have more, but I cannot post that many at one time, but this has been so much fun !! I am loving making these !!

Next will be some book marks, cell phone charms and other fun projects I will share as I go !!!

So,  going out to garden, looking forward to a pretty yard !!!  Will  be posting about that on my house blog !!!

Thanks for stopping by !


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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