New things I am up to

I am going to be really switching up my inventory in the next few weeks. I have decided to concentrate more on non jewerly stuff and just do a bit of jewelry and of course any custom orders that still come my way.

I am really enjoying some new ideas that have come my way and had a bit of fun playing today !!

I have a custom order for some decorative charms to hang from closet knobs, and a basket, which I will share with you as I do it, but it got me to thinking as a dear friend has also asked me to make up some scissor fobs for her to sell, and so I decided to try my hand at some key chains, just for fun.

First I made one for myself, which really was my original intent. I did not like my key chain and thought, hmm, why not a beaded one, and liked it so much I had fun playing and making up five of them to list. Scissor fobs are next on the list and I even found some cute scissor charms for them, will share as I make them as well !!

So, here are my first ever, key chains.

First one up, mine,  not for sale, on my old slightly beat up key chain and hook, love it !! I just adore the antique brass with the cobalt blue glass beads.My favorate wine charms ever I think were the steam punk sets I made, and some steak punk inspired jewelry I also did in the warm antique brass and cobalt blue beads. I added a bit of black to this key chain for fun and love how it came out, it is probably not surprising that I have a cobalt blue glass collection as well !!! Still packed, but some really pretty pieces !!!



Now, the next sets I plan to list this week on Etsy and my friend Linda is listing them on her Creative artwork site, which has a link on the sidebar.

I love the rich red of t hese beads, not captured by the camera, and the shoe charms are so cute !!








they are just slightly more aqua then the bright blue in this picture , but  I really  like the cross, thought it was a nice combo











I love t hese soft pinks so I chose them for two differant key chains. Love how they look with the pretty clears and whites














So, I had a lot of fun and designed some new pretties. I ordered more key chains but they have the clip or hook thing on them, so far silver, adn I will order some antique brass ones as well so I can do both !!

These will be listed for ten dollars each, plus 2.50 shipping sometime in the next couple of days !!!

Thanks so much for stopping by !!!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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