My new studio !!!

I am almost there. We still have stuff to do, but for now, I am up and running. My hubby got my work table put together and put up shelves. We had to be very careful as the previous owners, and there have only been two  before us, so three owners of  this houses in  90 years,( and other than our daughter and her family renting it from us, it has never been a rental ) decided at some point to close up a door between the front room and living room, it was a parlor at one time, and make it a bedroom and put a door into the hallway, but when they closed up the door, all they did was put dry wall on the living room side and panel on the bedroom side, no framework, nothing. My poor hubby had to figure out where the studs were on either side of the door opening  so he could  get the darn shelf up securely so he had to move the bracket to the very end of the  shelf and I am still putting  light stuff on that side as some of the screws still did not go into wood, because of course the stud he found is not straight, lol, but he did get most of them into wood , but the other two are completly into the wood, so that is where the beads are at !! We eventually will have to gut the room to the studs and put up drywall, and add studs in that opening,  but for now, it will be fine.

I pulled in two small wood pieces, and put one on  each end of the work table for storage until we can pick up the big metal shelf at our  other house. My husband is working massive overtime right now, so we just have not been able to get over and pick it up and then it has to be assembled. So, for a few weeks, some stuff will be on the floor, or under my table until we get and put together  that big  , tall , metal shelf.  He is going to give me a spare top box tool box to keep my stuff in too, so that is pretty exciting !! He got a bunch of tool boxes when the company he works for got rid of all the tool boxes and replaced them. WE sold a few but he kept some too, so I get to have a top box, could have an entire standing bottom and top, but it is that or the big shelf, I need the shelf more !!!

this is him after working all day as an industrial mechanic,  I appreciated it so much !!!







This was the mess in the middle of it all, I got so involved I forgot to take many pictures, but this was the mess at its peak, I was soooo overwelmed !!!!  I had fourteen boxes , most of them pretty good size, of beads, findings and craft stuff, my ribbon and fabric and polymer clay and paper crafts and locker hooking and stamps and so on and so on.





The kids had left a broken plastic drawer, it has two of the blue drawers but one had broken and was gone, but I figured I could do something with it, and this is what I did.


I had first done the shelf on the bottom, but the paint was too heavy and needed to be at the bottom so I moved the cardboard shelf to the top. One less thing in the land fill and it was storage I really needed !!  I stacked two other smaller drawers I have had for years next to it and it works great !! I stacked it all on an old printer shelf we have , back when printers had those long rolls , actually it was boxes of flat  printer paper that came out  that they used for businesses and stuff  so the top shelf  has a hole in it for the paper to come out, we got it at a yard sale probably 20 years ago !! When you stack stuff on the top, you would never know the hold is there !!! It is more of a slot, but makes it a conversation piece, when you can see it !!!

Once I have the metal shelf, the little printer shelf will come out, but hopefully I can keep the cute little cabinet on the other side, another yard sale find a few years ago. Ten bucks, love it !!

The computer might be longer, I am still on the kitchen table, but it involves rerunning the internet cable, this old house has ship lap walls throughout, so they are solid wood  with dry wall or paneling over it,depending on the room, even interior walls, so the signal cannot get f rom our master bedroom in the back of the house  to the studio at the very front,through all that wood,  so he will install it in the front living room, next door to the studio,  shooting out the door and  down the hall so it should hit the family room in back for our iphones, and will run a cable through the wall next door to my computer. With all the overtime and then a visit from his mom middle of  next month that we are really looking forward to, it could be a few weeks  until my computer is moved, but that is fine, the kitchen table will work until then. It gives me time to get that scary corner cleaned out and organized !!  Here is a shot of my desk and the mess I  unpacked yesterday, pretty scary !!!! Got some done, but wanted to work on the studio side first !!



I still have a few things missing, like my polymer clay oven, but until we get the door fixed, we had actually foamed it shut for a while because it has such a chunk out of the top , from before we owned it and the insulation for the door was not doing enough, so when the kids were living here, we sealed it shut. We have to go under the porch and shim it up to put a new door and front door on and just make these fit better until then . He will still pull out the foam and get the door working again for me  so I can go out there to use the oven and do stuff  you want to outside, and will insulate it as well as we can , but again, it might be a few weeks. To hide the ugly foam, we covered the door on the outside with that solar screening. So, eventually when that comes down and the foam is out ,  the sun will be able to come through and the door will open, I am just being patient, it will all be worth the wait !!



The other two walls will be his studio for his stain glass and photography, and we will have a nice metal work table in teh middle of the room for me to use for my hammering wire and to paint on, and whatever we both need, but for now  this is his corner








Once we get it all out, then he has to get all his stain glass stuff out of his work shop outside, build a bench from the closet to the corner and around to the window and then make storage for all his glass and get his light box set up and all his tooks set up. So, he is probably a few months from being set up but he is fine with it. He is focused on work and then the falling down picket out in the front  yard, so he is not in a rush to get his stuff set up, might be months before he does. I hope not, he has not gotten to work on his stain glass in going on five years when the kids moved in, so I know he will enjoy getting back to his art !!

This will be my view from my desk , looks better in person, the stupid solar screen makes taking pictures through the window impossible , lol !!

pink roses over the gate and those are five crepe myrtles across the front of the property, and three huge oaks accross the street, so it is a pretty view most of the year and as we get that poor fence repaired, it will get even prettier. Eventually more flowers and trees and flower beds out there, but first things first. The porch is 200 square feet, so a lovely porch to sit out on and I plan to put lots of potted and hanging plants out there once my door is opened up !!!



So, that is where I am for now, I am back in business and soon will have everything set up to work . For now, I can do my beading and working on orders and create !! I am looking forward to having my oven out on that porch as I have been wanting to work with the polymer clay for a long time !!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are having a good weekend !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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