Still getting settled

Well, I have come to the conclusion I was very delusional about this move. I thought we would move in and be settled pretty quickly. Well, that is clearly not the case. After eight full days , I am still using the computer  on the kitchen table


My studio is still a storage room , about half as empty.


Three of the book shelves from the other living room are down the hallway now, we just have to load them with books. The house needs to be swept and vacuumed from all the moving around and there are still boxes and bins everywhere !! I cannot wait until I show an upsdate with no boxes or stuff laying around !!! You can see the laundry room at the end of the hall, the kitchen is to the left of that clock and the front bath is accross from it and the door you can see is the kids play room,


kids play room / guest room . Still have some stuff piled in the corner. kids have been playing in it all afternoon, had them move for the picture !!


But, some progress has been made, the kitchen is looking pretty good, as good as it can right now, we need a counter top , its is pink and attempted black, lol, and new flooring, but otherwise, not too bad.



my brand new dishwasher, so reflective, the floor is reflected in the front, lol !!


family room was empty but we are moving stuff so it filled up again with boxes and empty boxes and my poor hutch is just piled up for now, we cannot wait to decorate it will all our fun stuff, but for now, it is just temporary storage !!!



I took a few of the yard, we have missed our pretty yard !! It is not really pretty yet, but in a few weeks, it will really start to look nice as it greens up, the trees get leaves and we plant some flowers.





That is a plug hanging down for fans or whatever we want to plug in on the back  porch, it was run over from the car port as our 90 year old house does not currently have plugs on the back porch !! The front porch has one, I have not gotten up there yet to take pictures !!

Our son turned our lovely vintage style bathroom into a bat man bathroom !! I  had a lot more art, but moved it out for him, just have to change out the fancy mirror with a plain one from the  master bath,  and move the plate and holder for him ,a bit frilly for him. He is going to paint it a less girly color, I think we decided on gray with black trim and wainscotting, something we  have always wanted to try, the black trim and wainscotting , but not the gray, we can change that when he leaves in a year or so. It has been these colors for ten years, so it is time for a change !! We completely redid both bathrooms to the studs and sub floors ten years ago, so they are both ready for some paint , but the master still looks pretty good , just going to touch up the white, will show pictures later !! I am moving all the pretty wall stuff and mirror to that bath room and the plainer mirror to the main for him to use. A bit of change is always fun !!




I am upset that our expensive and pretty Armstrong floors have turned an  ugly yellow after ten years We bought the best you could buy and spend a good amount on those floors, never dreaming ten years later they would look awful !! We are not in the position to change them right now, that big front bath has a huge claw foot tub, orginal to the house, so changing flooring is a big ordeal in that room. I am going to look for ways to make the floor look better. I am hoping there is somethign to help yellowed floors , at least a bit !!

So, that is where we are right now. I have no pictures of our room as my husband is putting away the rest of his stuff and it is a  hot mess. We have four grand kids tonight, three overnight and it is a bit hectic right now !!

Thanks for stopping by, will post updates as I have them.

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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