Moving update

Oh boy, it has been a very busy four days. We moved both households on friday as rain was forecast and actually happened here  Sat , so we had to move both households on friday and it took us about 12 hours. We have been slowly getting the house in order but we have a huge mountain of boxes to tackle !!

Here is our new studio, I know you will be pea green with jealousy, and yes, my tongue is firmly in cheek !!!

I think this is the side window that faces the door into the room


here is the front window next to the door, we had it sealed shut because it was so leaky but we plan to replace it and shim under the house so the new , old salvaged door, fits better , that one was a hot mess and an orignial door from 1924 and will be used some where else in the house, it is a french door.


standing in the hall looking into the room , closet door to the left, side window in front , you can see the legs to my big black work table and the top is to the right of the picture. From the clost to the corner will be my hubbies stain glass work bench and storage




took this in between the edge of the top of my black work table and the door  jamb, this is the wall my beading tables and storage will go accross.


I held the camera over the top of the work table top to show a birds eye view of the room, yikes, pretty scary !!! We need to unpack this and put it all away. There are 28 banana boxes of books in this room and all my beading boxes, like six or so, and only God knows what else, well, my hubby probably does too, but I do not at all !! We decided he would continue his vacation through next weekend so we can really get it all done.



this is not my studio but thought you might enjoy it, this was our grand daughters room and our two daughters made a stensil from my piece of zebra felt, my hubby used my razor knife to cut it out for them and they stenciled all the wood trim inside the room, the windows, the closet and inside door frame, I love it !! We are SOOO keeping it as t his will be the grandkids play room and our guest room while our son lives with us. When he eventually moves out, his room will become the guest room . Then the kids room will just be for the kids to play and watch tv and sleep over !! It will have a full size bed in there and for now, a sofa. For now, it is a mess, his dresser is in there,  his tv is in there and a bunch of other stuff, but that is what this week is for, getting all the rooms set up.




For now, this is our mess, the living room looks just as bad, but that is all his stuff, the family room we are using is not too bad, so that helps and our room is looking pretty good. Just need the curtains and knick k nacks, but the mini blinds are still up so we do have pri vacy , it is just not pretty !!!

Here are some views I have missed out my windows the last 21 months,

kitchen window sunset shot


back yard shot from family room , and yard is still in hibernation from winter, wait until it is more spring like and we get some flowers planted, it is so pretty !!



to end this post on a random  note, here is a really cool moth my husband spotted and knew I would want to take a picture of


Thanks for stopping by !!!


3 responses to “Moving update”

  1. Good luck sorting all those boxes out. Can’t wait to see the after photos. Lx


  2. Oh, how very exciting (tho lots of work). And how beautiful where you live. I am jealous. There really is nothing like coming home.


  3. Thanks so much, we need luck, lol !! It is exciting though to be home and we are looking forward to getting settled back in and being able to start working on our home again. We have a picket fence around the front yard of the property that is half rotted due to the previous owner putting up raw wood to raw wood and then lightly spraying with paint, it left us 12 years later with a rotten fence, that we are slowly fixing. Once done, the house will look amazing !!! It really is a lovely home in a small town with a country type feel in our area. No sidewalks and a lot of trees. Mostly old houses. Ours is 90 years old !!!
    I promise to share pictures as we get it together !!


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