Time to move, store on vacation mode !!!

Well, denial is over, the time has come, I have to pack. We move in nine days so I have to pack it all up as we hope to premove each house over by Friday night next week so we can just move the few big pieces back and forth on Sat March 15. I put it off for way too long. I just did this seven months ago and 14 months before that, I . do. not . want . to . pack.  But I have to !!! I have already started actually !! I should have the entire house packed up within the next day to two days. 

For anyone who does not know what I am talking about, we are switching houses with our daughter and her family !! 

We  have owned a pretty  vintage ginger bread  house in a quaint little Texas town for 12 years. Five years ago this summer our daughter and her family moved here from Southern Calif to stay with us while they got on their feet. She and the kids came first, her hubby followed when he is job was done. He knew it was coming and wanted to work as long as he could. They lived with us for a few years and then when they were ready to take over paying the house payment we rented them the house, and moved an hour north to live right by my hubbys work, so he went from an hour drive to a 15 minute drive. We loved it up there and enjoyed being close, but missed our small town, our house and most of all our kids and friends. We knew we would have to wait on the house, our son in laws family had also moved out from Calif to see if they liked it and no one else would have rented a house to a family of five adults, two kids, three dogs and two cats. Our house is set up to house two families easily, lots of rooms,and just set up nice . So, we simply bought a second  house in the same town. We really missed our other  house and when our son in laws family decided to move back we joked that we could trade houses. They were thrilled , they love this new  house and want to buy it from us, so we said okay !! All the things we love, they love and the few things we did not love about this house, they do love !! It is a perfect house for t hier family and the one bathroom doesn ot faze them at all !!  They will rent it from us for a while and then buy it when they are ready. Most likely in the next year or two.  We had to save up enough to put a fence aroudn the property to keep our grandpuppy in and grandkids safe, and it was just completed. IT was hard waiting, but we could not switch houses without a fence. The house next door had been owned by the same family, so it was one huge yard, now it is private !! The past week or two we have been slowly moving stuff back and forth to pre move as much as we can !! 




you can see the pieces to the chain link taken down that our other daughter and hubby want to reuse at the house they just purchased this past summer, about the same time we bought this one !! 


Once moved I have a dedicated studio with my stain glass/ photographer hubby. Both are hobbies but he is very good at both. We have a large front of the house bedroom, at one time a sitting room,  to share as a studio, still have a spare room for the grandkids to play or sleep over in that  will be a quest room when company comes to visit, we have a family room for us at the back of the house , and a master suite with our own bath, leaving a bedroom, front living room and a big front bath for our son to use. Three beds, one bath, one living area has been tough, now it will be four beds, two baths and two living areas !! We are so happy to go back to our beautiful  vintage 1924 house and put the time into it  that it needs to shine again !! It  will be 100 in ten years, we want to make sure that it gets to that birthday looking its  best !! We have a lot of dreams and plans for the next ten years and so happy to be moving home to get them done !! 

So, Etsy store is on hold until around March 21, hopefully sooner, and I am not sure how much blogging I will be doing but will take pictures and share the move after the fact for sure !! So, if I am quiet for a while, just know I am busy, I will still be reading blogs and maybe even posting here, but no jewelry for the time being, but once moved I really want to get more atristic, making beads  to use in my pieces, polymer clay, acrylic and using differant elements to make beads, and more metal wire work. I am very excited to get moved and start creating, but for now, major packing. Just moving a couple of miles, but I still have to pack it all like we are moving accross the state !! 

Thanks for stopping by, here are some pictures I took of the smokers fire when our kids smoked dinner the other night, thought they came out both kind of cool and kind of creepy !!! Got some cool ones of birds in the tree too !!! 





and here is a picture of our cat sitting in a box, because , well, you just never see cats sitting in boxes,  lol !!! I think if there are a box and cat both in a room, it is inevitable. They will also sit on a piece of paper on the floor too, pretty funny creatures !

Thanks for stopping by !! I will post as I can but will keep up with all my blogger friends blogs !! 

Stephie xoxo     

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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