Some wonderful finds

I got to go thrift store shopping yesterday and found some amazing deals !! I first picked up this bag of lace and thought that might be a good edeal for three bucks, but when I got it home and later in the evening opened it up, I was shocked at how much stuff was in that bag !!  I walked away with an amazing deal !!!

Here is my bag of wonderful goodies !!!


here is what I got in that little bag !!!


more detailed look


a broken necklace, proof it was meant to be mine !!!










I had already pictured some of these little round beaded embellishments, ut I found more with the pretty flower one !!!




I love this one and had to show another picture of it !! It was the first one I pulled out of the bag and I was stunned with how pretty it was !! I was just surprised because most thrift stores part things out, not put them in bags for cheap !! Lately I have been saddened with how expensive our local thrift stores have become and some of the items are just priced out of range for me anymore. I will not pay it. I have found those little spools of ribbon that sell at the store for 50 cents, for 75 at the thrift store !! I saw a cowboy hat yesterday for 75 bucks. I think they have lost touch with the fact that most of thier customers are crafters who create to sell and resellers. They want the full resell price now. It is a shame, and hurts those of us who want to make a living with what we buy. It is harder and harder for me to purchase jewelry to take apart, they are wanting more and more per piece.


I did get another great find, a nice, looked brand new shirt for four bucks with these amazing shell sequins on it. Now, everyone who reads this blog knows I am a sequin addict, so I figured it was worth buying the shirt to harvest the sequins and then I figured I could maybe embellish it with some beads and or sequins later. So, there it is all through the process !!! It was four bucks, but where in the world would I ever find shell sequins for four bucks, IF I could even find them ?




for some reason this morning the shirt would not photograph right, so the after shot I took is very washed out, but the shirt is a pretty deep rich black, not faded at all, in fact the shirt looks new and completely unworn, you can see that in the before picture !!


Just some loose threads to remove, but that is for a later time !!

So, I will share my other finds in another post, this one is too long, but I found some scarves to embellish and ladies shirts to sell as is, look like never worn , new, in my Ebay store, Angelrosecreations, but they will not be listed  until later !!! Lots of books, a clock and a really lovely candle stick, share them next post, here in a few minutes !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


4 responses to “Some wonderful finds”

    1. I know, I was shocked !!! lucky me !!!


  1. I can’t remember my WordPress password so I’ll always have to reply by email!!!

    Here’s what I tried to post!

    Steph – you are the winner – winner, winner, chicken dinner!!! Love the variety of lace and beaded things!!! A wonderful purchase to add to your stash!!!

    Happy junking!


    Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2014 16:14:11 +0000 To:


  2. Thanks Bonnie, I feel like a winner !! I am very excited and had no idea how much I had gotten until I got home and emptied the bag out !!!


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