My other finds

I wanted to do a second post about my other finds , the other post got pretty long  !!!

I found a bunch of really pretty shirts, thought it would be fun to put them on ebay. I have sold there for years, under Angelrosecreations, my orginal business name. I just changed to Stephies Beads and Baubles a couple of years ago after twenty years as Angelrose Creations. on ebay it is one word. I have not listed them yet, but will probably do that this week.  I aso found some pretty scarves I plan to embellish and a tiny shawl I plan to change too, take off the damaged fringe and bead around the edges a bit. Not sure yet.
This first one is a kind of velvety texture, very pretty, I paid 2.50, not sure what I will do with it yet, but it will be fun to do some beadwork on it.


zebra is always fun so this will be a pretty scarve when I am done, it is a felt type material. Small fringe, two bucks for that one


pink is always right, and this one can be used to decorate other things, or I can bead on it, not sure which way to go yet !! I love the soft fluffy pinkness of it, just a fun scarve ! I believe that one was 1.50, so a great deal !!! Almost feathery , but furry, soft and a pretty color of pink !!

this is so pretty but some of the fringe is damaged so I may take it all off and either add another or just bead the edge and leave it at that, just not sure, but I really love the fabric even if I decide to use it for something else completely, it was a bit pricey at either three or four bucks, not sure which, but I just loved the fabric !!



Then some pretty shirts. I paid four each, but can sell them for 10 to 12 each, so that will be a nice little profit !!

This one , like the others appears unworn and unwashed, tags appear brand new as does the item, no wear or signs of use. Just lovely . All of these shirts were four except this lace one, it was three.


I love this one, so pretty !!



look at the detail in the lace, just a pretty piece and the fabric is so nice to the touch too.


the next two are the same style and color, differant patterns , fabric is the same




this figure eight has nice stitching in it, this picture does not show the top stitching at all.


the last one is one I am keeping for myself, I love the peasant style, the rich red, not captured well by my camera and the t shirt material, I prefer that to the softer fabric of the other tops.


I also got a few non clothing related things,

a lovely candle holder, nice quality , heavy, no damage at all


I found t his really pretty cast iron clock that I really love !!



I also love these thirty year old decals, so cute !! Dated 1981, the year my hubby and I got married !!!



All in all, it was a really great day for going out to the thrift store and I am thrilled with all my new goodies !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!


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