Moving back to our pretty vintage home has begun !!

Well, the packing has begun for the move !! We are simply trading houses with our daughter and son in law and thier kids. They are renting our house from us, we bought a second house so they could stay there and they fell in love with this house and we want to go home, so we are trading houses. They love this house and plan to buy it next year so it is a win win for both of us !! I had hoped to wait to start packing up my beads, but I think this week, I have to start packing up most of them. I have a couple of projects to finish up first, but then by the end of this week, beads will packed up. My Etsy store will stay open  until right before we move, and then I will put it on vacation !!



This is just a few boxes I have packed, I have more on the other side of the room. We are simply transferring boxes to each others houses so by moving day, we only have to move a few big things. Should be an easy move.

Pictures are down as well, so house is looking sad. They have to paint the entire inside white as it is currently a peachy shade and t he love nice white walls !! Unfortunately we had started a corner of the living room in a lovely purple, but only got a corner done, one coat so not too much for them to cover !! We used what was in the sample can, and luckily had not painted the rest of the room yet, they hate the color, lol !! We have the new  bucket we bought, it will go in the living room of our other house !!

I did not plan to shut down my beads so soon, a bit under three weeks but it is clear we need to get it all p acked and ready to go in the next week. We truely hope to have both houses almost completely exhangeed except for necessities by the date of the move so we only have to move the beds, sofa, basic necessities !!

So, I might not be posting much here for a month or so, and if I do, it will be non beading stuff !! I will be back irght after we move sharing our studio as we set it up !! It will be a stain glass, glass blowing ( beads not big things of course !) fimo clay creating , painting, crafting , stamping, and beading studio, with room for this computer as well . Our studio opens on to a 200 square foot wooden front porch so we have a lot of creative space outside the room as well !!

We love our 90 year old  gingerbread cottage and cannot wait to get started up restoring it again. We got off track the last five years with kids moving in with us for three years and then us moving out for  21 months !!

I can share some pictures of the yard from years past, unfortunately pictures of the house are on the old computer !! But I have some of our pretty yard !!!  Any pictures showing pink house or car port are older, it is all now a pretty yellow, no  more pink, except for inside the car port still , just a bit !!




back a few years ago, my hubby started painting the p ink house, and it turned into

April 2010 taco night, house paint cams hair 111

a yellow house !!! This was before the second coat of white, looks better now

April 2010 taco night, house paint cams hair 131

the unpainted shed to the right of the picture  is now white but we want to build a trellis over the front to put a wisteria and a little porch below it for just a pretty place to sit !!

April 2010 taco night, house paint cams hair 1962

this fence divides our yard in half. we plan to put a pretty trellis out of old doors  to charm it up. We still have the boy and girl stored away, so they will go back and we will replant this flower bed, it does not looks so nice right now, but that will be done quickly !!

April 2010 taco night, house paint cams hair 1564

I love my cowboy, got all three pieces of yard art at a yard sale a few years back, just love them all !!! Not sure, but I think the big butterfly one is gone, but we still have the other three !!

April and May 2010 Yard sale finds 047

also needs to be replanted and need new flamingos, those died before we moved, just faded away !! We love the wagon wheel, it came with the other pieces of yard art !!

April and May 2010 Yard sale finds 053

we plan to eventually paint this mail box , but the birds do use it !!! The whisperia on it has passed on, but we will replace it !!

April 2010 taco night, house paint cams hair 2002

the back of the house with all our pecan trees !!  We have six pecan trees that produce, an oak, five crepe myrtles , a flowering pear, and Oklahome red bud and a Hackberry tree on our almost half an acre lot !! But we still have a lot of grass !!!

Augusst 2010 126

there was purple on the shed, but we got rid of it, my hubby wants to do that again, I asked to please not too, lol. I love the purple on the house accents, but not on the gardening shed !! I miss this view so much, I cannot wait to move home !!!!



We have a lot to do to our house, but it is a  nice house and worth all the work. Nice size, four beds, two bath, two living areas and a decent sized kitchen !! The back yard and front porch are the two things that really  make this house stand out but we plan to really work hard to bring out the charm in this 90 year  old house !!!

Thanks for stopping by.

3 responses to “Moving back to our pretty vintage home has begun !!

    • Thanks Linda, We are so excited, it will have been 22 months since we moved out and so we are so happy to be going home !! We moved more boxes over there tonight. We are trying to take some each direction every day !!! Lots of progress today !!! Just under three weeks and we will be home !!!


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