Beaded wrap around wine charms

Been experiimenting with some new wine charms today. My friend Bonnie sent me a picture of a wrapped wine glass I want to try, and will as soon as I have some wine glasses to experiment with, but it got me thinking about some new designs of wine charms.I am  not sure if I can sell them or not, but thought I would share what I  made and how I made them. Here is the charms I made today, they are a completely differant form of wine charm than I usually design !! 










they were pretty easy to make. Cut the wire and loop the end, put a tear drop glass bead on a head pin, loop it and hook onto the loop and then start adding beads. When done, loop again, make another drop to put on that loop, and then gently make it into a circle and done !! Here are some pictures showing you what I did. 










I had to remove the last bead as I did not cut enough wire to wrap the loop, so it is now one clear bead shorter !! 







So, that is my new design, not sure if I will put them online to sell or not. They are a lot of beads and not sure if they are cost effective or not. I will see. Most wine charm sets are only a few beads per charm, so will have to see. My wire wrapping skills are still not what I would like them to be, but I am working on them and that is a consideration as well. I am very particular and only like to sell things that look as perfect as I can get them. 

I am looking forward to wire wrapping a glass stem, thanks again Bonnie, I owe this new design to you, without your thoughtful suggestion, I would have never come up with it !! 

Thanks for stopping by !!


2 responses to “Beaded wrap around wine charms”

  1. They look great Steph, I was surprised though you used normal wire, I thought you would have used memory wire? Lindax


  2. I had thought about that, but can you bend memory wire to a smaller size ? Do they sell smaller rings of it ? I have never used it but I might have a few pieces I got some where to make short memory bracelets.
    That would be a better way to go, so I will look into it. Thanks for the advice, I am always grateful for input !!!


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