Beaded penquin

I could not post p ictures of this little guy until the friend I made him for got him !! She recieved him last night and told me he is hooked on her purse now !!

So, I wanted to share some pictures, I was very happy with how me came out !!!













I designed and made him for my friend but with a couple of moves, he got put aside and I finally got him done !! I am thrilled with him and glad she likes him !!! the flower on the back  I put on to hide the knot is really pretty in person, it is stacked sequins, a white flower, a yellow sequin, a black sequin and a yellow seed bead !! It just would not photograph  well no matter what I tried !!

I love doing this kind of work and it is fun to do something for a friend , since she collects penquins I thought she would love him !!!

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I would love to hear what you think !!!

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