Beads and felt

I love working with these simple materials. Seed beads and felt. Thread of course, or there is not going to be a way to work them together !! Beads, thread and felt. My favorate medium, and then sequins, but those I have posted a lot on, today is all about beads and felt.

I have had a love affair with seed beads and felt for well over twenty years. I have made beaded ornaments and fun objects from them for wedding gifts, baby gifts, and Christmas gifts as ornaments. I want to start really having fun and learning new things.

I decided to start with some small items and see what I could do with some lazy stitch type edges. I had a lot of fun .

I took some vintage felt, white with tiny gold spots and cut them into hearts and squares, and some pretty textured zebra felt and cut it into crosses. I was so intent on what I was doing, I forgot to take pictures until the last one, which was the cross.




I then put the edges together and did a lazy stitch in beads around the entire piece, sewing the two halves together. I will do a post on the exact steps and how I did it later. I just wanted to show my new pieces.

Here they are. Not really sure what I will do with them yet, but I wanted to try a new techinique I had not done before. I loved making them and really like the finished product. I cannot wait to try this with other items and plan to do a shamrock pin with this techique next !! I am very excited and looking forward to what I can come up with.










I had so much fun making them and think this is a techique I plan to use a lot more and I plan to try out even more ideas. I love making wine charms and jewelry, and always will make them and enjoy that creative out let. But my true passion has always been the seed beads, felt and sequins, and oh, thread !!! I have lots of all the above in many colors from 20 years of collecting them !! The gold beads I used on the square are probably 20 years and the black are close to that. The pink are only a few years old, I bought them for an angel  I made a few years ago.

angels 009

I will make the shamrock pin and document how I do it to share with you !! I may do one beaded and sequined, and one only beaded, just to see the differance !!

I have some wedding ideas in mind and love the idea of working on beaded and sequined things for weddings. I love working with the white sequins probably the most. I think they look amazing !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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