Temporary studio area

Well, I have my studio set up temorarily in the dinning room of this house while we wait to move back into our house of 12 years !! I want to get back to beading so we had some moving stuff around to do but the furniture is moved and my beads are in place, but now we have to put away the table full of glass ware and books, and misc stuff we piled on the table to get all the furniture moved around  and some taken over to the house to be stored until we move back in.

Here are some pictures of what I was up to today !!!
here is the hutch already unloaded onto the table, ready to be moved out.


here is all the stuff unloaded off of the hutch and book shelves !! Must all be packed up !!


the book shelves almost completely unloaded, I had the beading stuff to move to the dining room DSCN3649


the empty shelves have been moved into the kitchen




Beading stuff loaded onto shelves, beads, findings, paper crafts, felt , buttons, sequins, ribbon and tools, a ton of great stuff on these two shelves. Cannot wait to have the studio to spread out in !!! This will be good for the next month though. Much easier having it all in the dining room !!!




I am very happy to have that done. Until we move and I can really set up my studio I have most of my stuff where I can get to it.

Once in the house I want to set up the studio so I have an area to bead, an area to work with my fimo clay, I will have access to a 200 square foot covered wooden  front porch to set up my small fimo clay oven, there is a plug right outside the door on the porch !! I want an area for painting or doing stamping or card making, an area for working with wire, a metal table to hammer the wire on my steel block. My hubby will have his stain glass set up on the other side of the room and we will have a work table in the middle of the room as well. We want to learn how to make lampwork beads and already have the stuff to do it,  we just never got a chance to play before our studios got packed up back in  Sept of 2009 !!! We are so excited to be able to play again and be creative in a space made to be creative !!   It is not a big room, but not a small room. A nice size bedroom that is 13 by 14 foot , with a door to the front porch, 182 square feet to be used to create !!

so, the month countdown begins today. Seems like forever , but I know a month can go by pretty quickly !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!!


2 responses to “Temporary studio area”

  1. Good for you, Stephie. I know it was a LOT of work, but look what you’ve accomplished! Happy beading in the temporary studio!


    1. Thanks Linda, thanks !! I am probably a bit crazy for doing this for just a month, but I am not ready to pack up the beads yet !! I will probably not do that until just a few days before the move !! I need the distraction the beading gives me, waiting this next month is going to be hard, I just want to move back home !! David feels the same way, we are very homesick !!!


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