Happy Valentines Day !!

I cannot believe it has been a year since I pieced the glass pieces together to make last years Valentine for my post !!

So, here is my Valentine for today, some felt , some beads, some crocheted treasures, and a fun zebra print paper for a fun back ground !! I hope you like it !!!  I had fun making it !!!


I am sorry I have not posted lately. I have been having some troubles being creative with a big move underway. I picked up the dining room table , where I was working, and know I have to pack it all up in the next couple of weeks and so I have not really gotten in and created at all in a couple of weeks and it is starting to wear on me. I find when I do not create, I get a bit grumpy and frustrated with life in general. I need the creative outlet both my jewelry and writing give me.

I have also been working hard to work out, get in some activity every day. So, learning to balance is something I need to do. My house has been suffering too, balance has always been a struggle for me !!

I have one more month today, well, today and tomorrow,  until we move, and I cannot wait !! I am so excited to have a creative space and I am also excited my hubby and Iwill be sharing that space !! I have long wanted to combine h is stain glass into my jewelry and having it all at my fingertips will make that possible !! We were just starting to explore that four and a half years ago when we got the blessing of our daughter, her hubby and kids moving here to Texas from Calif and moving in with us. Our seperate studios became our two grandkids rooms, and our studios were packed up and creativity has been hard. I had a spare room in the apartment that was guest room/ studio, office,  and have a corner of the living room here, but it is just not the same as a dedicated room to mess up and not have to clean. The few times I spread out here on the dining room table, we have company and I have to pick it all up so it has just been hard to stay creative and then with a move and having to pack up and move a month from today, it has been tough to get in a creative mood. I think though, I am going to spread out on the table until we move so I can play with my beads as I need to  create and it is really getting to me now !! It is going to be a long month with no creativity !!

At least I have been able to make my jewelry, my poor hubby has been shut down for almost five years so him getting to set up his  glass and photography studio again will be amazing, we are both excited !! He loves making his g lass and taking pictures , and we hope this year for him to take some glass blowing classes, a dream he has had since childhood, so that will be very excting for him to finally explore that art he has loved and been fascinated with for most of his life !!

We have missed our home but have been happy to let our kids use it until they found a house they want to buy and how wonderful it was the house we bought we moved back to town, so we are switching houses !!!  A huge win win for everyone !!! So, we are getting this one fenced for them and slowly are moving stuff back and forth and then the big move will be in March.  They get a home that is a dream home to them and we get our beloved 90 year old cottage back, so we are all so excited !! It has been an interesting and fun  journey and I woudl not change a thing, but it is nice to be going home again, I think we appreciate our house all the more after being out of it for almost two years and sharing it with them  for the three  years  before that !!

So, today I am going to move stuff around, I think I will pack up the hutch in the dining room and have my hubby move it out, and two book shelves for my beads into the dining room so I have a space to work while I wait to move, the beads can be quickly packed a few days before we move !!

I will share pictures later when I get it done !!

So, happy Valentines day !! I hope everyone has a really lovely day and if you like chocolate, I hope you get some today !!!


5 responses to “Happy Valentines Day !!”

  1. Happy Valentines Stephie, I wish you tons of love in your new home!


  2. Thank you Seyi, happy Valentines to you as well !!


  3. Good luck in your new home. It’s so frustrating when things get in the way of your creativity, but hopefully things will now improve. Lx


    1. Thank you so much !!! We have been away from our house for about a year and a half and are really ready to move home again !! We are really just waiting for a fence to go in around this house so the kids can move in, no fence, no move, they have a big dog and the chain link is to short, he can jump over and completely missing on one side !! I have my temporary studio set up here for now, but I cannot wait to settle back at home again !!! Fence is scheduled for Feb 24 so, soon !!!


    2. We are down to just under three weeks until we move, so I cannot wait !!! I know in about two weeks I have to pack it up. So, I will create while I can and then once moved, it will be so much better !! I will have room to spread out !!


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