Felt heart pins continued !!

The other day I posted about my felt beaded pin. I made another one yesterday and then decided I would share pictures of the original ones while I was at it.

I started beading with seed beads around 22 years ago. I started with just a few colors, one of those plastic boxes with 20 sections. I now have 19, one for each colors and a  couple of duplicates, like two boxes for whites, just for sead  beads and another 2 with 8 sections of seed beads . I have another 43  of larger glass,stone   and metal beads and findings. 62 boxes total !!

So, I made the original heart pins around 20 years ago, no internet back then so never sold them. Here they are , they are 20 years old and a bit beat up, but still look pretty good for felt and glass seed beads !!












This is the four together !! It is the same exact size felt heart, the beads that I use around the sides make some of them look bigger !!

I love working with felt, and mainly the sequins and seed beads,  and plan to do more of this type of work. It is just very satisfying and rewarding to me . I want to try my hand at  some bridal beadwork, some bridal veils, and garters. pretty things like that !!

I will share what I do. For now both of the new hearts are l isted on Etsy now. I am excited to have them up there and hope someone wants them !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!


One response to “Felt heart pins continued !!”

  1. So cute and just in time for valentine’s day!


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