Valentine heart beaded pin

I decided to get out my seed beads and sequins and make a little Valentine pin. I made some years ago and just loved them so I wanted to make a new one and put it in my Etsy shop. I have so many more sequins than I did 2o years ago and knew I could really make something fun !!


I cut two little hearts out of felt and beaded the edge of one


then I added a pin back to the other heart , that will be the back of the pin, started sewing them together with the same seed beads and then decided to add a decoration to the front , and then got out my flower sequins and designed some pretty flowers for the middle of the heart. I stacked a flat white flower, a cupped white flower and a transparent light pink slightly cupped sequin and a pink seed bead like the ones I edged it with.



this picture is the best one for showing the pins colors .





after  I finished sewing it together, I hid the knot with another flower on the back.


All done !!   I plan to list it in my Etsy store tonight or tomorrow for $15.00 . All hand sewn and very pretty !! The pictures are not near as pretty as it is in person !! Up close pictures are always a bit less pretty, they are small beads so in person, it is much more delicate and pretty !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


2 responses to “Valentine heart beaded pin”

  1. This is beautiful! You’re such a genius!!


    1. Thank you so much !! How kind of you !! I really love this type of beadwork, I plan to do more of it !!


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