Wire hearts


I made this metal heart a couple of years  ago and got it out to list on Etsy and thought it would be fun to show you how I made it. Now, I do not have pictures of its actual construction, but just the material I used and it may surprise you !!

I love wire, and I am not really sure why I do not work with it more. Probably because I have  not had a great dedicated work area in a while and even in the apartment I could not be banging on a table, the people below us might have had an issue with this. I made this right before we moved so it is probably about two  years old, but made to sell, so never used for anything. The color has mellowed, it was a more  bright shiny  copper when I made it, but here is what I used !!

romex, yep, for wiring your house. Found some scraps, noticed there was copper inside and stripped them down and loved the copper I found !! there are three wires in each strip of romex.





Here are my hammer and steel block, both thanks to my wonderful and supportive hubby !!!


I shaped the copper into the shape of a heart that I liked, here I made another one to show you !!


than I hammered it, could not get pictures as I cannot hammer and take pictures at the same time and I had to go out on our front steps to hammer on it as I do not want to break our wooden dining room table !!


It was dark , even with the light so I did not get it hammered as much as I wanted to, But it at least shows you what I did !! I will re hammer it again tomorrow to finish it up !!!


Wire work is a lot of fun !! Hammering that wire on the steel is very satisfing, you feel like you really did something and it relieves stress !!! Better on a work bench though, not so fun on a front stoop !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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