Valentine inspiration wine charms

I love Valentines day and I am excited to have some new wine charms that are inspired by the colors of the holiday !! I love pinks and reds but do not wear them as much as I should, but I love working with them a lot !!

Here are some of my new sets, I had so much fun making them and plan to get them listed asap, not much time to spare !!! It kind of snuck up on me, should have done them before Mardi Gras !!!

I love these rose beads, they are acryclic but so pretty, detail on both sides and I paired them with glass faceted beads , from left, in black , clear, white, pale frosted pink, bright  red and clear pink , really pretty !!!


got to have some zebra in the collection !! From left, all glass, hot pink, white frosted, pink frosted, a lovely red AB frosty bead, black and a pink/orange AB frosted type bead, very pretty in person.


big bright red glass faceted bead with , from left, glass faceted beads in , white, round tiny faceted moonstone, black, clear AB that looks like a flat one, but it is round but very reflective , then a round frosted pink and a red vintate rose I removed from an old necklace.  I might have to take new shots, my camera was really having trouble tonight, I might have to go back to my old one, which is frustrating !!! It will be clear and then go fuzzy as it takes it. Some shots are beautiful , some are not, so this one will get listed later after I get better pictures tomorrow !!


Love these drops, the second from the left is a really pretty one, one side sparkles more green, the other more pink, kind of glows like an opal but in colors, goes great with the clear, bright red, hot pink, peachy pink and whte


all glass beads, black, red, moonstone, looks like an opal, so pretty, hard to capture with the camera but very pretty in person, silver glass, clear and a salmon type pink


I have some other items already listed, some have been on the Etsy site for a while . I have a lot more wine sets now. I am always open to a custom order so let me know if I can make something for you !!!

Thanks for stopping by, off to list my new items !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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