Pantone , color of the year !!!

I just learned something new this year.  There is a color picked out every year by Pantone  as the color of the year. This year, Pantone picked  Radiant Orchid as the color of the year. They have been picking our colors for a while now, and I never even knew they existed !!

cell phone photos 477

I thought it meant just one color, but you are able to pick from the differant colors in this range as dipicted in the picture. These pictures were taken off of the tv, so forgive the quality, but I wanted to share this wonderf range of colors with you today !!!

cell phone photos 476

I am excited with this palatte for sure and they picked other colors too they feel will be big this year. I am thrilled though that shades of pink/ purple are the big winners this year, what fun it will be to create in these colors !!

So, it was fun to learn about Pantone, I had honestly never heard of it and so it was fun to learn there is something behind the color choices we see every year and wonder where they came from !! My bead trays are loaded with pinks for Valentines day, but just maybe, I will get to use these pretty colors all year long !!!



I always have a tray with black , white , and clear as well as some silver metallics as they go with whatever color I am working on !! And pearls, always !!!


So, a pink/ purple  year, how fun !! I am very excited and cannot wait until March for the  Bead Market, I hope there are plenty of those colors there this year  !!!!

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5 responses to “Pantone , color of the year !!!”

  1. Pantone is new to me too! I only learned about the “COTY” last year with Emerald. I am loving this year’s color. Something to get me outside of my comfort zone. Looks like you’re on your way to making things for 2014s color! ~ Lauren (East Coast)


    1. I cannot wait, I love the colors !! I cannot believe this is the first time I heard about Pantone, lol !!! It is a bit out of my comfort zone too, but that is not a bad thing !! Gets us to try something new !!! YOu have done a great job on the Pantone colors, I plan to read up on your blog, you really showcased them all well !!! THanks so much for stopping by !!!


  2. I only discovered Pantone last year – I think it is such fun to have a ‘colour of the year’.


  3. Have you been watching “Project Runway All-Stars”??? They just designed with the color.


  4. You are a year ahead of me Tracy !! I just found it this year, must have been under a rock, it is everywhere this year !!!
    No, I have not watched that show, but I really do need to check it out !! It looks like a lot of fun !! How cool they used the color of the year !!!


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