My sequin addiction continues ….. vintage sequins !!!

I love sequins, I have been pretty clear about that !!!!  For a long time I have wanted to collect some vintage ones, but other than a few fun packages of vintage sequins, I have not collected any true vintage sequins.

They are not expensive per se, but I want these more for me to have, than to use, although I will use some as I get them. No fun if I cannot play with them.

So, I finally did it, got myself a few little treasures for my vast sequin collection, but true vintage items, so I figured I would share them here !!!


So, exciting !!

I thought these are so beautiful I had to have them !!! Vintage sequin buttons, not like the big giant new ones I got from the craft store, these are smaller and so beautiful and have a brass loop, almost more a button than a bead, but they call them a bead. They are very petite with very small sequins sewn on, these are for me , just to look at  !!! An iridenscent pearl sequin bead !!


Now, this set caught my attention, vintage sequin buttons , what ?? But they are exactly that !! Little sequins, that look like buttons, very cute !!


These vintage French sequins are so pretty ! the camera did not capture them as well as I would have liked !! They have a beautiful iredescent shimmer to them, they are called French Pailette / diamond pink Iris, just lovely and a shape I hvae not  used before !!



This set of leaves is just lovely, they are called Clear Iris Leaves and have a lovely rainbow glow !!


the last one I picked out, I chose because again, it was a shape I had never bought before. I love the mother of pearl effect, so pretty,

They are called Vintage French White Pearl Teardrop sequins


As a thank you gift, they sent me this set, around a dozen of the diamond shaped with a larger hole and they are good sized, almost the same color as the French Pailette diamond ones


I love my new sequin treasures and enjoyed sharing them with you !! I hope in time to add many more vintage sequins to my collection !!

Thanks so much for stopping by !!


2 responses to “My sequin addiction continues ….. vintage sequins !!!”

  1. I didn’t realise sequins came in such a variety! Enjoy your collecting!


  2. You would be shocked, I was , at how many varieties there are !!! I just love them, at least they are a very inexpensive item to collect !!!


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