How I create a special order bracelet !!!

I made a special order bracelet for a dear friend, she has bought two premade ones from me before and then we designed this one together so I figured I would share the process and the finished product !!

I start with getting the right color beads together and then I start making up enough charms for a bracelet and put them on cards, I only string them on, I do not make loops yet . I marked pink with P and clear with c so she can tell in the pictures I send what they look like, some of the light pink can look clear !! I number each charm and card so she can give me input on which ones she loves and does not care for, really works well !! I do this for custom earring orders too. Make a few differant ones up and they chose either which one they like or which elements from each one and we get it perfect !!











then once I go through the cards with my customer, I start making up charms,





This time I made more than I needed because I figured I would take advantage of the pink beads being out to make some wine charms and a second pink bracelet to list !!

this is the final product !!!



I love the big chunky heart, but it was just a bit too heavy for this piece and the head pin was too thick on the bottom so I have to put it on a differant head pin, I will find a use for this lovely heart, I made some wine charms just like this one , just beautiful, one of my favorate sets, I just listed it on Etsy !! In fact I love them  so much they are the header on my blog through Valentines day !!!





Creating anything begins the same way, the only step that is differant, I do not make up cards. I just design charms I love and  use them for bracelets, wine charms or earrings. Necklaces and regular strung bracelets are of course put together differant but I still start with a tray of beads and go from there !!

I love making custom orders and will have another post to share when this same friend mails me back the two heavy bracelets she bought, a white and a blue and has me combine them into one, making the other two each have half the charms they had. She likes this new one with charms only on half the chain links better than the other two she bought that had a charm per link. So, it will be fun to figure out which to remove for the new combined bracelet  and which to keep on the already made bracelets !!

Thanks so much for stopping by , I always am thrilled to see people have read my blog !! I love to hear from you so please leave a comment if you feel like it !!


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  1. Always interesting to see someone else’s process. Very organised and easy for both you and your customer to get it just right!


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