Happy New Year !!!!

Happy New Year, I hope it is a wonderful new year for  everyone !!!


We have always had a big bowl of streamers we throw at midnight and this is a picture of our stash a few years ago !! We have had those same decorations for so many years now, I cannot even remember how long !!!

Tonight we are celebrating at our house, but it is still our daughters house this year, for the second New Years in a row , but in a few months we are switching houses and get to move back to our beautiful 90 year old cottage and our daughter and hubby are moving into the house we just bought and plan to buy it from us as soon as they can , win win !!! We have work to do in the next few months to pull off the big house switch, but going home will be a great thing in 2014, and we all are very excited !! We will have owned our cottage for 12 years in Feb 2014 !!! We tried moving out for a white an hour away closer to my husbands work, hated it, missed our kids and town and knew the kids needed that house a while longer and bought this one we are in now. After we all talked about it,they love this house and it is better for them and we miss our old house very much !!! So, a switch !!

I am still figuring out my goals for the next y ear, I will not use resolutions, I think goals is a better word !! I know my hubby and I plan to work hard on our weight loss  and saving more money and getting out debt, all very common new year goals !! My personal goals are to get up earlier every day, build my business to a new level and try creating new things, work on my writing and drawing, and  make time for some good books this  year.

Of course spending quality time with my wonderful hubby and our kids and grandkids and friends ,is  always up at the top of my list and I plan to do plenty of that !!

My biggest issue is to balance work and housework  , I love to bead, housework, not so much, lol !! I get done what I have to, but I need to be more organized and getting up earlier will help a lot with that !! I might check out flylady again !!!

starting in Jan I will be picking up from school and  watching two of our grandkids, 13 year old grandaughter and her six year old brother ,  full time after school and full day when they are out of school, weekends Mom and Dad are home, so I have to really become more organized for sure !! So, making sure I have a plan for each day will be of vital importance and for this lifetime ADDer that will be my main challenge , but I know I can overcome my obstacles and make my life more organized without losing my creativity !!

Getting back into our house will help a lot. We will go from a 3 bed, 1 bath, 1 living area to a 4 bed, 2 bath, two living areas which will give us space for our studio again, hubby and I will share a big front bedroom for his stained glass and my bead work, painting and other crafts, and our son will set up his screen printing for designing and making his own t shirts !!!

The bigger house gives us a room not only for our studio, but a dedicated room for the kids to keep thier toys, watch tv and spend the night , or son will take the front formal living room and the smaller bedroom next to it and we will have the smaller family room right out side our master bed and bath. At 24 , while he is living with us , he needs his own living room and here he has two bedrooms but there it will give him his own front door and that will be great !! He really hopes to be out by next fall and then we will have two additional rooms !!! We are sure enjoying this time with him while we get him with us !!!

So, as soon as we get the things done that have to be done to make the move, mainly putting a six foot fence around this house so the kids can have privacy and safety for thier kids and dogs, we can all switch houses, and hope to by the end of March !!

So, an exciting year for us, and we are determined to really make some positive changes in our lives as well !!


you can tell this was a white ago, look at the tv, we have had a flat screen for a few years now !!! This was taken at our old house, the walls are blue right now  and will be a lovely purple soon as we move back in !!!!


So, Happy New Year to everyone and I hope it is a blessed and happy and prosperous year for everyone !!! What goals have you set for the new year ?

Thanks for stopping by !!


3 responses to “Happy New Year !!!!”

  1. Happy New Year and many Happy Beading Returns


  2. Happy New Year, hope there would be more beady inspirations in 2014!
    Blessings. 🙂


  3. thank you so much !! I am planning a beadiful year for sure , I appreciate both your New Years wishes so much !!! I wish you both a wonderful new year and much success in all you do !!!


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