New wine charms !!

I had a blast yesterday making up a dozen  new wine charms !! I think I outdid myself and came up with some really fun and interesting sets !! Here are some pictures of the new sets !!!

I love this money set and will use this picture on my personal finance blog, they are so fun !! !! I used glass faceted beads with these cute charms !! I know someone will love them and they will find a good home !!! I just  love the little offset money signs !!



Big chunks of dyed turquoise stone, and again, glass faceted beads to accent them !! The yellow is not faceted but a glass cat eye type bead, really pretty !!!


My hubby found these cute elephants at the craft store on sale, I thought they would be cute with these sparkly  glass faceted drops !!


we have all seen zebra stuff, and leapard stuff, but girraffe? I thought they were cool and fun and a bit differant !! Glass giraffe beads with glass faceted beads and metal bali style beads !!


Another interesting bead. Not quite leapard, not quite zebra, but an interesting swirl in browns and blacks that are so pretty and intresting , very large too, about as big as the hoops. I added glass faceted beads to give them sparkle !!!


simple glass zebra beads with fun twisted , faceted beads in fun colors including purple , red and hot pink and some traditional black , clear and white !!


Probably my favorate set !! I took apart a necklace and got these four large beads and two sets of six in smaller sizes. Fun and pretty, these lovely acrylic beads are just wonderful with the sparkly glass faceted beads !! The red is so pretty, I wish my camera would capture red better !!!


more fun charms, for the writer or blogger out there that does love wine !! Again, I used glass faceted beads as an accent !! Two differant sets to enjoy !!



another acrylic bead, smaller than the other one, but zebra, not striped.I used rich red, soft pink and hot pink glass faceted beads along with the classic white, black and clear glass  faceted beads !! the one below it, a fun leapard flat bead with glass faceted accent beads !!


I have seen this exact bead in plastic but these are glass and I used pretty faceted glass beads in hot pink, clear, black , cherry red, white and silver to accent them !!


I have others I plan to make, but 12 in an afternoon was enough !!! Once these are all listed on Etsy, I will sit down and make another dozen.

I would love feed back, which ones do  you like or dislike the most and why ?

Thanks for stopping by !!


One response to “New wine charms !!”

  1. Hi Stephie – so great to see some stones appearing here and there! I have never seen wine glass charms with real stones before, I think they look great. Love the turquoise howlite, and those animal print one I think are called giraffe stones. The white stripes are painted on and then the stone beads are baked with a glaze. Also love the punctuation and money charms, they are so fun.


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