Merry Christmas !!!


This is a picture of our tree a few years ago, Childproof plastic ornaments, but still really pretty !!!

I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful and Merry Christmas today before things get crazy around here !! Its Christmas eves, eve and I am baking cookies and getting ready !! Tonight and tomorrow  will be finishing the edging on an aftgan and making a jewelry set for our oldest granddaughter who is 13 ,  and wrapping gifts and getting what I need ready for Christmas eve at our youngest daughters house and Christmas at our oldest daughters house !! In between we hope to  skype with our oldest son and his wife and kids  accross country and our youngest son will be going to his sisters on Christmas but will probably be delivering pizza on Christmas eve !!! In fact he just confirmed that !!!

I have a lot of baking to do, pumpkin pies from scratch, pecan pie from scratch, brownies, from a mix, I have it, want to use it , fudge,  lots of cookies, and some choc swirl bread our oldest daughter found in a magazine and requested. Quite a few of my cookie doughs are made and in the fridge, once all are made, just have a few left to make up, I will start the baking. I start at the lowest temp and work my way up to the highest. Unfortunately for this Christmas we have a tiny , really tiny wall oven, but we will be moving back into our beloved old house in a few months as our daughter and hubby love the second house we bought to live in until they found a house to buy in a few years, and they want this one, rent for now, but to buy when they are ready, so as soon as we finish a few things that have to be done, mainly a six foot fence to keep thier dog in the yard, we are trading houses and we get to go home !! Next year, big stove again, lol !! But this year, tiny stove and longer time for getting it all baked on tiny cookie sheets, lol !!! I think they will be replacing the wall oven pretty quickly with a bigger stove, lol, it is very small !!! I will share my cookie baking with you later, just to show how tiny the oven is !! But we are doing two batches sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, choc chip with other chips thrown in, nut cresents, lemon cookies, and colorful cookies which are basicly a shortbread made with jello as the flavor and sweetner !! Very rich, very good !! So, a lot to do with the gift wrapping , crocheting and jewelry set all to be done as well. I have a wonderful hubby who will help a lot, so that makes it a lot more doable !!

Okay, I took some pictures to share with you !!!

Our grandkids went nuts with the cookie cutters, sharks, lips, mustaches, and anything that caughter thier eye, I have a lot of cookie cutters, that Dillards bag in the back ground is full of cookie cutters sitting on a cardboard tray filled with more, and then they are all over the table !! I will keep it to mainly Christmas for the ones we do. We let the kids do what they wanted with thiers !!!


I always have a ton of sugars for decorating, I actually held back a bit this year, I often have more than this. I just added the four large ones I got on an amazing sale, 8 bucks for four really large ones !! We got the Wilton frosting for cookies on the same sale !! I have a bag of crushed candy canes too , always great with sugar cookies !! Have to have those little round cinnamon candies too, I love those on my cookies, I always make a few trees with those all over, love how they taste melted into the cookie, yum !!!!



my cookie doughs so far, and more to come tonight !!!


and always candy, cannot help ourselves, much to give away with cookies , some for us !!!


I will take pictures of the jewelry and aftgan to share, lots of work ahead and cannot do a thing for a bit longer, the granddaughter they are for is here all day, will be going home in an hour or so !!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great Christmas !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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