Christmas cookies

We try every year to make Christmas cookies with our grandkids. I make the dough before hand as it has to chill and then we let little fingers decorate them and they all take some home !!

This year due to our son-in-law just being home from overseas and our  other son in-laws parents being here this Christmas, it will be two different cookie decorating parties !!! Two of our grandkids are on the West coast so we do not get to make cookies with them this year !! It is hard having them all so far away !!! We really miss them !!! So, we have five here in Texas to make cookies with and two far away, seven wonderful grandkids !!!

I am known for making way too many cookies every year and plan to tone it way done this year. Last year at our apartment I made up cookie plates for all the staff at the apartment complex and still ended up with a ton for the family and for my husband to take to work. I am hoping to cut it down a lot this year, but we will see, I cannot seem to help myself when it comes to baking cookies !!!

Here is a batch of the kids cookies from last year !!! I personally love the little red cinnamon candies  melted onto cookies, I manage to get them to use a lot on the ones we keep  !!!! I think the tree and stocking were my work, ha ha !!!


LIttle hands helped by grandpa’s big hands, to make sure they all fit on the cookie sheet !!! I love watching my husband with the grandkids, he is so good with them and they all adore him !!!


the cookies for the apartment staff last year, so much fun !! I even hand made the gift tags myself !!! IMG_4649


pretty snowflake stamps, silver ink and index cards !!! simple but pretty, cut the front with the fancy scissors, but wrote a bit low on this one, it should not have shown, but its all good !!

So, friday, I will probably be making up three double batches of cookie dough for five of our grandkids to play with. Probably two batches per cookie party and one double batch for Grandma and Grandpa to make !!
I have to make a batch of Snickerdoodles, my husbands favorites, and a few other single batches of favorite  cookies. Pumpkin pie, cheesecake, a chocolate cake our oldest daughter requested and who knows what else. Depends on time and energy !!

Cannot believe we are a week from Christmas and lots of fun things are lining up, and I am excited about it after the rocky start Christmas seems to have had. Still have to decorate our tree and it is a week before Christmas, that has NEVER happened !!

So , happy to be planning our weekend, hope everyone has fun plans this weekend !!!

Thanks so much  for stopping by ,


Our Christmas tree 2012 053

2 responses to “Christmas cookies”

  1. Love that second picture – the two hands say it all


    1. I agree, I love when I watch my hubby with the kids, he is so gentle and sweet with them and they adore him. They like me until he shows up , lol !!! He loves to play with them and I love to cuddle and kiss them and do crafts with them, so we both have differant things to offer, although grandpa gets his hugs in too !!


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