An interesting day !!!

I got up feeling much better than yesterday which was wonderful !!! I was talking to my cousin in law and dear friend when my phone notified me I had a pay pal payment, so I checked my etsy account and had sold some earrings !!! I was pretty excited !! I found them in my box of for sale items, there were two pairs, tossed the other pair back in and went back to talking. Then I heard another notification and I had sold something else, how exciting !! It was the SAME earrings, the second pair and a differant person had bought them !!! What ??? That has never happened before, and within minutes of each other !!!



the first set was bought as a gift and I offered to put a gift card and wrap it in tissue paper, which I did and then put it in a plastic bag with my business card tucked in behind. He did not want an invoice in that package. I got him to send me a message for a gift card and I had some beautiful vintage gift cards I had picked up the other day downtown at a truck sale, and used one in blue and green and wrapped the tiny package in green tissue paper to match. Here is the gift tag, so pretty !! They are from either the 50s or 60s, still in the package, what a wonderful find, I bought dozens of differant ones !! 49 cents on the package !!!



I had taped it to the package but did not like how it looked , and luckily the tape came off easily and I was able to tuck them both into a plastic bag which looked much nicer !!! I just used one small piece of tape to hold the tiny package together !!!



How exciting to get two orders, in the same half hour or less, for the same exact item !! It was not a Christmas item, which would have been much less remarkable. Also, they have been listed for close to a year, so that makes it even more stunning !!!

So, that was pretty awesome and they are both packed up and ready to mail tomorrow !!!

Just had to share my good fortune !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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