Frustrating holidays !!

This Christmas has been a bit disapointing so far, but I know the actual holidays will be wonderful. Our small town parade was canceled due to ice and not rescheduled, and then some other activities for the holidays were canceled and then this weekend I ended up sick on Sunday and we could not do some of the stuff we wanted to do that was going on that day  !! Our tree is bought and lights on, but no decorations and we never got the outside lights up either , just a frustrating few weeks !!

This flu has hit me hard but I am very grateful to have it  hit this week, and not next. My hubby had it first, and is sounds like our youngest son is starting to come down with it now, but at least he has time to get through it before Christmas too. I am hoping it passes him by, I will feel bad if we shared it with him.

Anyway, not much is getting done around here, just what needs to be done !! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season, I cannot believe it is a week until Christmas already !!!

here is a picture from last years tree , trying to be a bit festive, lol !!!



6 responses to “Frustrating holidays !!”

  1. Merry Christmas…..the first without my dad. Makes me so grateful for the rest of my family and you know Steph….it sounds like you have a beautiful one, too….enjoy them and your holiday! 😉


    1. I am so sorry about your Dad. I can relate but it has been ten years for me, but I still miss him and my mom who passed a few years later !! It does make you gratefuol for the family you have , and we are blessed with a wonderful one !!
      I will enjoy my family and holiday and I wish the same for you !! I appreciate you stopping by !!


  2. Oh boo! Just get better. Curl up and relax with some good videos and/or music. The beads will wait.


  3. Thanks, that is what I have been doing and I am finally feeling better !!! I sure appreciate you stopping by !!!


  4. Some years that’s how it goes… sometimes for a couple of years – I think our last tree was three years ago, *sigh* I love Christmas trees, but life can get in the way. I hope your holidays brighten up soon 🙂


    1. LIfe is changing, the way we live is changing and it is getting harder sometimes to do all the things we want to do for the holidays. It takes a lot more planning and organization than it used to, or at least it seems that way !!!
      I am sure we will have a wonderful holiday, this weekend is going to be fun and we have plans on both Christmas eve and Christmas day at our two daughters houses, our youngest son will come along with us if he is not working Christmas eve and our other son and family are accross the country but we will get to talk to them at least, probably skype !! So, slow start, some things just not getting done, like the outside decorations, but we will decorate the tree and have fun !! I hope you get a tree next year, they really are quite wonderful, but when life is busy, sometimes it just takes a back seat !!! We came close to not getting one as it got later and later, lol !!! Never ever, thought that would happen !! We are usually a Thanksgviing weekend tree putter upper family, not middle of Dec, lol !! Thanks for kind words, I do appreciate you stopping by, have not been your way this week with being sick, but you will see me around your blog again in the next couple of days, I am getting back to my blog reading again !!!


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