Winter Wonderland !!!

Here in the Dallas metroplex we have been coated with ice for a couple of days. I got to have so much fun with my camera, so I have some pictures to share with you !!!

Some  of them are from our own yard , and some around town, but it was so fun playing with the camera in the ice !!

This one I took through the kitchen window !!


some flowers in our back yard , so pretty coated in ice !!


the holly bush by our front door DSCN2452

I got these leaf pictures on my husbands truck, one on the windshield and  the other one  on the hood



A beautiful historic building in our town, a form of theator from 100 years ago, called a chautauqua. It is all wood inside and just beautiful but coating in ice, just lovely this morning !!


everything looks cool coated in ice , with icicles dripping down !! DSCN2581

it I fouwas more the icy stuff around this next sign that was so interesting to me !! DSCN2612you could see the ice better in person on the next one !!


pictures like this take effort, we had to drive around the block and come back because a car was behind us and we could not stop the first time for me to take the picture !! It was worth the effort, such a pretty shot !!


bikes in front of Walmart


another quick  out the car window shot as we paused at a corner


Well, I could post dozens more, I took a few hundred the last two days, the ice just makes the ordinary especially beautiful !! I thoughtthis house in the last one was just so pretty, sorry it is crooked, but again, pausing in traffic to grab a picture !!

So, I will share  this  last  picture and call it a post !! I enjoyed  sharing my ice pictures with you and appreciate you stopping by !!


4 responses to “Winter Wonderland !!!”

  1. Gorgeous photos!! Here in Johannesburg all we get is a bit of frost in winter (we are in summer now). Easy to forget just how pretty a snowy and icy landscape can be.


    1. We lived in Southern Calif until 12 years ago, so it is still really weird for us to see snow or ice in our yards !! We do not get it often enough to get used to it , it is a fun and special treat every time !! I think everything looks prettier covered in snow and ice !!!


  2. Stephie, these pictures are just super! And I love your holiday banner up top.


  3. Thanks so much !! I love taking pictures and I am getting better at the banners, that is a fun set of wine charms I made out of sequin beads, lol !! I love sequins and could not resist this set of beads on clearance at Hobby Lobby !!!


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