Book cases up and ready

As many of you know, we have been trying to get the book cases done in our living room and it has been a big pain trying to get three that are not damaged. The ones we ordered from Target can only be bought in that color  online, and we had one in that finish already and were going to order another one but made a decision to use the one we had in our room, a slightly darker one, on the wall by iteslf for my beads and then put the three that match together. So, that is what I did yesterday !!

We still have 28 boxes of books in the garage to haul in, but it is looking much better and I wanted to share with you !! You can see our Christmas yard decorations, but they will be outside in a day or two !!! I have a couple of capez light fixtures from this house I plan to list on Etsy this week too on top. I am also putting my pointsetta out of a three year olds way !!

The shelf by itself does not look that much darker in person, for some reason the camera really captures it !! I asked our daughter and she said she would not have noticed !! The middle of the three is slightly off too, it is a about four  years old and the other two are brand  new. But we just want to put our books up and not spend too much. Not sure how long we will be in this house and do not want to invest much for this space,  and can reuse the shelves somewhere else, if we rent this house out in a few years and buy another !! I think once the books are loaded in, it will look a lot better too !! There will be books on top with book ends as well !! I do plan to remove the big white box on top of the other shelf, that looks pretty bad !! You can see where the new  purple paint ends and the old peach starts, we just wanted behind the book cases done so we will not have to move them later !!





Still a lot to do, but at least the shelves are up !! We are starting our holiday decorating and just enjoying the holiday season !!

I will post pictures when the books are loaded and it is done, but wanted to share. I do not think it looks too bad with one on the wall by itself a bit darker. It is only until our son moves and the beads go back into my studio and then we can either leave that wall blank, or add a matching shelf at that time. I have at least six month and as long as ten, but he hopes to be out in that time frame. We are loving having him and his Kitty here as long as we can so I am happy having the beads in the  living room until then !!!

Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate it !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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