Amazing finds !!!

Wow, I got some great deals today !! Our town had a Junk in the trunk sale and the high school had students there trying to earn a trip so they had donated items to sell. I saw some beaded jewelry and the prices were ten to twenty bucks but she told me, oh no, those are a dollar each !! OMG !! I picked up all of these amazing pieces to take apart for only a dollar each !!


Nice black chunky stone beads with a really pretty pendant. A white stone inside




This is a stone chunk necklace with a huge stone pendant that is kind of neat !! I have lots of ideas for these items , I cannot wait to play with them all !!


Not sure why these next two pictures came out so dark, used same lighting and paper back ground, but they are really pretty glass beads with a huge wooden heart painted blue !!




Just a beautiful pendant with rose quartz and amethest in it and lovely rose quartz beads and a gray and black stone , lovely metal beads as well !!


A huge metal pendant and lovely browns and reds in the stones,  very pretty pieces to reuse !!


Such  pretty rose quartz and some really pretty bicone chear AB crytals, but the pearls are not glass, but plastic which down grades the entire piece, but taken apart, lovely pieces to reuse !!


A nice large green stone pendant, does not really match the glass crackle beads and green pearls, not sure yet if they are glass or plastic, but based on the other piece, probably plastic. Nice metal beads too and the pendant is a pretty shape and color.


A purple brown color bead, a bit too much of all the same color, with a pretty shell or mother of pear pendant. Interesting beads, but too much of that one color, cannot wait to mix them up with some other colors !!


I found it really interesting that the designer of this piece used a lever back ear wire to hook on this shell pedant, not a real secure way to do it , but I give her points for creativity !!


I found these huge metal beads for a buck at an antique store, they came with a really ugly earring that I can paint and do something fun with and make the large piece a pendant  , but the beads are really big, brushed metal. 11 for a dollar with the ugly earring !!!


got these great old lenses, most are a magifying lense,for a few bucks each. We are going to copper foil them to use as pendants !!



I have other cool things we found, but I am fighting my computer to get this post done, so I will share the rest in another post !! I am so excited to have found so many new items to play with !!! I have so much great stuff now to work with !!

Thanks so much for stopping by !!!


2 responses to “Amazing finds !!!”

  1. Wow, what bargains – I am so jealous!! 😉


  2. I could not believe it when she told me a dollar each , I was so excited !! They have been sitting on my desk since I brought them home and I just keeping looking them over !! I got very lucky on that deal for sure !!!


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