Some new beaded baubles I found

My husband and I went out to our favorate thrift shops the other day and I got some wonderful things and I am excited to share them. I found this magnificent dress, so striking !! I thought it needed repair, but where I thought there was damage, it was just seams. some of the sequins have flipped over so I just have to flip them back but I am probably the only one who would notice. On the shoulder there is a section that looks bad, but again, I believe it is just sequins and beads that slid down and I need to push them up in place. If it is a repair, it will be an easy one. I got this lovely item, to hang up in my studio, it will never , ever fit me , for only ten bucks. It is for a very tiny woman !! !Which makes it perfect for art !!!

Here it is




I found some other lovely items at this store too. Someone did a lot of work  and then either sold it and the buyer donated it, or they just donated it and the thrift shop  sold them to me for only 3 bucks each, and they are really pretty.




I found this  really pretty acrylic necklace , I love the stripes and have lots of ideas for the beads !!!



My husband found this cute little beaded purse that I could embellish !!!



I thought this ribbon  necklace had some nice items I could reuse on new pieces !! It is a glass pendant with some double beads in a silver finish and a gray pearl hanging from it !!





A nice selection of goodies that set me back a grand total of  12.50 for all , not counting the dress, which was an additional ten bucks, and the gorgeous beaded necklace and bracelet are worth much more than that all by themselves !!


Thanks for stopping by !! I had a  hard time doing this post, not sure if it is wordpress or my computer but I have been working on it for hours, glad I finally got it done !!


4 responses to “Some new beaded baubles I found”

  1. It’s a gorgeous dress! (if I may use that word) It wouldn’t fit me too ha ha! 🙂


    1. I am not sure than many women would fit in that tiny dress, lol !! But it is fun to own it and that is a perfect word for it, I just enjoy looking at it, such pretty beadwork !!!


  2. What fantastic bargains you got! That dress is amazing – as you say, something lovely to just sit and look at.


  3. I really have been enjoying it a lot. I know I have to put it away until our son moves and I have a studio again, but I am really enjoying seeing it out !!! It really does not belong in the living room however, lol !!! As we will begin our Christmas decorations this weekend, I will finally store it in our closet , but I am so glad I bought it and look forward to next year when I have a studio again and can showcase it !!


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