A custom order

I was so excited and honored to be asked to help design a brides wine charms for her wedding party !! I had so much fun and we ended up witha  pretty set of wine charms she is really excited about !!

We did this all online !!

First we started with a set I had listed in the color she wanted.  She picked three of those charms to start and then we designed the other three . I temporarily took it off as a listing, and put aside the beads to recreate the three she wanted and when I finish them, I will relist the set . If I had not had any more beads, I would have simply made three more close to those, retook the pictures and edited the listing before I put it live again.



She picked these three of the set.

She picked  second the left third to the left and the one second from the right but had me change the bead on it, so I gave her some choices.



The one on the left is the original and I suppled two choices to start



she picked one and then we started to design the others so I mocked up a whole bunch and we changed them around


none of that first set were winners, so I made up 12 to show her, just strung them on the head pin, to give her some variety !! I numbered them so she could tell me what she liked !!









This was her final choice



Here they are finished !!!


she gave her final approval, I listed them as a custom order , she paid, they are packed up and ready to head to her tomorrow !! I am so excited !!
I love doing custom orders. It is so much fun to go back and forth with my customer until we  have a finished piece between us !!

I am excited to be part of this wedding, even if it is just wine charms, I am very excited !! She seems very happy , a good day !!!




Excuse the shadows , it was not taken for a listing , just to show her the charms finished !!

4 responses to “A custom order”

  1. This is beautiful Stephie!! You should be proud of yourself because I am proud of you!
    Much love. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much !! That means a lot to me !! I was so excited to get that order and how fun to helpe a bride with her wedding, even on a tiny thing !!! I felt honored !!!


  2. What fun! It feels fabulous doesn’t it to help someone work on something for their most special day.


  3. Yes it sure does !!! I had never done anything for a bride before and I loved it. Doing wedding jewelry is something I have wanted to do for a long time, so maybe I will start making a few pieces and see how it goes !!!


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