New look for the blog

I decided to change my theme today. I was tired of the dark colors and decided to do something more in keeping with autumn and change it seasonally. We will see how it goes !! I spent most of the day trying to get my blogger award posted onto my site to no avail and after I exhausted all options, decided to play with the page !!

So, I hope you like the new site.

Here are some pictures I took this week, I hate posts with no pictues. We drove up near Dallas and got some fun ones of the city and the autumn colors of the trees , all taken as a passenger as the car was moving !!!

David was amazed no cars were in this shot except one you can barely see in the distance , it was midday on a sunday, so pretty weird honestly !!!  We did not notice until we looked at the pictues later !!




this next one reminds me of the movie, The Birds !!! They are everywhere this time of year !!!



This is the shot I made into my header for the site. I used a bracelet and a few pairs of earrings and then cut a chunk out to use as the header on the blog. Just loved all the fall colors !!



I was going to use this one, but they just did not look right cropped !!


Well, that is my rambling for the night !! Thanks so much for stopping by !!!



I would love to hear what you think !!!

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