Frustrated and need help please !!!

I am so frustrated with this blog right now. I am not a stupid person but I sure feel that way when I try to do anything here. I was nominated for a blog award when I first started and could not figure out how to post it and so I never got to and basicly lost that award , and now I was honored to be given the Leibster blog award and have gone to my widgets and put in the image, I did everything they said, and no dice, it will not appear on my page and I am just so frustrated. My image widget is not working and I am completely and hopelessly clueless on how to get this award to appear in my side bar.  I did what it said to do, I put in the image url and nothing.

If any of my fellow word press bloggers could help, I would appreciate it so much !! I am really frustrated today and so disapointed !! I have wanted to have awards displayed on my side bars like so many of you do and I already lost one I could not do, and now I risk losing another one !!  I have NO one in my daily life in person that has a clue about blogs, so no help from anyone in person.

These awards are pecious to me and I want to figure this out, so please, HELP !!!!!




I can put it here , lol !!! it is also very small, I need a bigger image, so I really  need some help here !!! Thanks !!!


2 responses to “Frustrated and need help please !!!”

  1. Sorry love, wished I could help. I’ve got some awards but never thought of pasting it, maybe go to a blog where someone’s got some awards then contact them directly. Have a great weekend!


  2. Thanks Seyi, I appreciate you stopping by !!! I am not sure mine will get pasted either , lol !!! I tried everything I could and no way, so nothing else I can do !!! I will take your advice and try to find someone who successfully did it, I think the blogger who gave it to me could help me with it !! I just really wanted to do it mysel !!!
    I hope you have a great weekend too !!!


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