What a mess !!!

A fellow blogger I follow posted pictures of the various places in  her home that she works. I figured I would do the same, but mostly to show before pictures of the mess I am in right now, so when I am done you will all be so impressed, lol, very tongue in cheek by the way !!

I had a room to work in but our youngest son moved home to get some money saved and at 24 he needed his own living room as well as a bedroom so we gave him my craft room to use for his living area. He set up his living room in there so he has a place to watch tv and have his friends over , which is good for both him and  us.

So, we set up my big desk in the front half of the really huge living room, and make that half of the room my work room and a library type area. We will eventually pick up a couple of chairs to put behind the l ove seat with a table in between and make this a seperate room within the room.

So, this is where we are right now. We ordered three book cases to match the one we have from Target, and just like every other time we have bought more than one of these book cases, one was broken. In the apartment we bought three and only one was not broken and we never bothered to get them replaced, just got our money back. So, since I ordered them online at a great discount at the time, and that color is not sold in the store, I have to wait for them to send me another one so w e have to wait to finish it up. In the mean time we are painting the living room, it is currently a peachy color and the room glows peach in the sun, and replacing it with a color called studio mauve, a gray mauve color, which is really warm and pretty. So, we decided to empty my book case full of beads facing the room, and paint behind it as well, instead of around it, so myh beads are all over the dining room table. I took them out of the craft cubbard so they would be more accessable in the living room and to store some other items in that closet, mainly family photos. So, here is the mess we are living in  now. It will only get worse when we take down the shelves over the desk to paint and then are adding one more shelf. So, I foresee a few weeks of mess ahead of me , lol !!! The piles are all kinds of things. One large and two smaller tubs of toys for the grandkids which we plan to edit down a lot. The old capez lamps we took down in the foyer and hall that I am going to put on ebay, and just books and project stuff and then just stuff, lol !!!


the living room itself is neat,  so we can at least sit in there and relax !! I hate the curtain rod, it makes the curtains hang wierd, we have to get a bigger one, it looks awful !!!


when I sit at my desk, my back is to the  mess too , lol !!!


The big mess another  view !!

the dining room table, my beads and baubles, halloween decor to put away , autumn decor that is supposed to be nicely displayed on the table all jumbled together for now.






To top it all off my poor Hubby got injured at work, tried hard to treat it himself but finally had to have the company send him into a doctor and they did an MRI and he has to have shoulder surgery for a medium tear. We see the surgeon on Thursday to find out the details and when it will be. So, he is working one armed and is very limited so our son has to help with moving stuff and lifting and my husband is rolling and cutting in as he can with the good arm and any limited stuff he can do with the bad arm that does not hurt to do , which is not much. ,

Welcome to our home project, hope to show you the after pictures soon !!


6 responses to “What a mess !!!”

  1. Wow, giving up your craft room…..that is true motherly love!! But I totally see why its a good idea 🙂 I am sure it’s all going to look fab when you are finished!


  2. Thanks, I do think it will turn out really nice !!! It was hard to give up that room but I knew at 24 he could be hanging out in his room with his friends and he knows he has to give me that room if the grandkids spend the night or we have out of town company. We have one of those tall air mattresses we can use. But neither of those will be very often so it will not be something he has to do very often. This way he can do his thing when he is home, and we can do ours, no sharing the tv or living room !!! Best for all of us !!!


  3. That is the neatest mess I’ve ever seen. I’d be scared for you to see my studio. Ew.


    1. maybe the pictures do not show it good enough, lol !! The dining room table is unusuable and the mess in the office / library side of the living room is horrid. Our grandaughter wanted to play with the toys and I had to tell her no because we cannot get to them right now !!!


  4. HA! Someone with more junk than me. I mean, I’m sure you will get more organized soon 😛


    1. lol !!!! I have a lot of junk , that is for sure !! I hope you are right, it seems like a miracle has to happen to get there !!!!


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