New baubles and beads for me !!!

My dear friend Feather texted me to let me know that Fire Mountain gems was having a huge sale. Man, were they !! I spent a bunch but got a ton of great stuff and wanted to share it with you.  The sale is still on through the next few days, so check it out, so much to choose from and 75 cents each. I paid onlyl 75 cents each for everything I bought. I also have a box of gifts for our daughters and grand daughters, some things a dozen for 75 cents and I got 9 glass pearl necklaces and bracelets for 75 cents for all nine, just over 8 cents a piece and no matter how big the order is, 5 bucks to ship it.  So, here is my new stash, which I probably really do not  need, but I am excited to have !!  I have already got lots of ideas for these fun items !!

the box in the back ground is full of gifts, so I am not sharing those in case someone sees them that shouldn’t , lol !!!



these are a man made stone look with resin, really neat looking , these are the biggest ones I got, I got a few other smaller ones as well.


look like type writer keys, numbers I got two each, the fun symbols I got four each, love them !!


these beautiful crosses were 75 each, 1.50 ,for the set, so lovely !! They look vintage !!!


I love seed beads and sequins so I got two each of these four pendants, I cannot wait to figure out what to do with them, they are really pretty !!


some stone beads I got , really pretty


got some fun plastic, love plastic roses and got them in black and red, some purple faceted and some ginormous green, ab like on one side and lime on the other, opps, I will figure out a fun necklace with these huge beads !!


all nine of these glass pearl pieces, the large one is really long,knotted , all nine for 75 cents, I swear I checked the reciept twice I could not believe I got them all together for that low of a price. I should have gotten a few at that price !!! I just did not realize what nice quality they would be !!


Just gorgeous dyed shell pendants, got two of them !! I cannot believe 75 cents each !!!


a few glass beads I got, including the brown lampwork, and some pink cat eye and some black glass


more dyed shell in differant colors, mostly  flower shaped but some brown chunks too.  Some  dyed turquoise yellow chalk chunks too

DSCN1301connectors that look like the old fashioned stork sissors, a HUGE chain that I missed the size on, but it will be fun to work with. alumium so not heavy and some interesting pendants you put a picture in and then glue down the clear acrylic square over it


two green glass crosses


all back in a box, it is a lot of stuff. I am going to have a lot of fun  making goodies with these !!


so check out , it is a great site and the sale is still going . Thanks so much Feather, my bank account is a bit lighter, but did I ever get an amazing deal !!


10 responses to “New baubles and beads for me !!!”

  1. Wow, look at all that stuff!!! Particularly love the resin stone look beads and the chunky aluminium chain, can’t wait to see what you come up with.
    I can’t get over the price of those pearls. I think i’ll go see if Fire Mountain Gems ship to the UK!! 🙂


  2. I know, they are pretty awesome !! I was so excited when the boxes come, like Christmas !! I am still in shock over the prices, I got so many really nice things so cheap !!!
    Did you find out if they ship out of the US ? I hope so, I would love to see you get some of the same deals !!


  3. That blue peacock is adorable! 🙂


    1. It really is so pretty in person, I loved the color and thought it was so cute !! I cannot wait to design a piece around it !! I have two, so I can still have one to play with later !!


      1. Ooo sounds great 🙂


  4. Wow! I love a good sale!


    1. Me too !! I kind of spent a bit more than I should have, lol, so I am going to really get moving on my jewerly design !! I have to start making up more items for my store !!


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