Wine glasses without wine , wine charms and earrings

I decided to have some fun with the strange sequin beads I found at the craft store on clearance earlier this year. They are very weird, but I had to have them !! I had no clue what I would do them when I bought them, and decided to pull them out and make some holiday inspired wine charms with them !!

I think they came out fun and I am hoping someone else will enjoy them as much as I do !! The ironic thing is, I design wine charms and I do not drink wine all that often. I just love wine glasses and making wine charms for them !!  I do drink non wine things out of my wine glasses which is always fun too !! Chocolate milk has been a favorate non wine drink I use wine glasses for, as is egg nog, just the plain stuff from the carton with a bit of egg nog sprinkled on top !! These would be a lot of fun with that holiday drink !!


these two are close up of the beads but also show the silver and gold hoops and wires





They are so fun !! The bright red of a tradtional sequin, the camera did not really catch that bright pretty Christmas red that sequins are, and combined with the bright faceted glass beads, they are just stunning and so sparkly and festive !! Perfect for a holiday table.

Serve your egg nog in wine glasses and use some fun wine charms with them, it will just make drinking it so much more fun !!

Another set I want to share is this one. An odd set, there are seven charms, normally I make six or eight , but somehow it ended up with seven. The drop bead is stunning. One side is a pinkish glow and the other  side is more green but either way they are so pretty !! One of my favorate beads ever !! Just lovely on any table.  I really love this set !!! I wish I could capture the true brilliance of these beads !!

here is the pink side


here is the more green side







I have made the red   sequin set in both silver and gold wires and hoops, one set of four each. I have some black sequin balls I am eyeing and not entirely sure how to use them  yet. They are pretty awesome too and have to be something !!!

Here are some new earrings I have made recently as well !!!





Well, that is my playing for today, had fun with those wine charms !! I will be listing everything I shared on Etsy and my friend Lindas site in the next few days !!

Thanks so much for stopping by !!!


Wanted to share a pretty pattern on a lovely glass bowl I saw at a store recently. It was silver plated with clear and red glass over it, too much care needed to buy, but I took some pictures because I loved it !!!





4 responses to “Wine glasses without wine , wine charms and earrings”

  1. Those sequin beads are so much fun -perfect for Christmas tipples! (Love that bowl!)


  2. Thanks, I think they look like ornaments !!! I loved that bowl and could have bought it, but the care instructions were too much for me !! I would not enjoy owning it, so I figured I would take a picture and I could still enjoy owning that , lol !!


  3. Very beautiful – fantastic work.


    1. THank you so much !!! I appreciate the kind words !! I really love making the wine charms and trying to come up with new and differant colors and themes !!


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