New Etsy listings

I was busy today listing as many items as I can. I have so many sets of earrings I made several years ago and never got them listed and some were listed but the pictures were so bad I never relisted them once they expired. I took dozens of pictures today and got a lot of items listed and thought I would share them with you tonight !!





















This is it for today !! I have dozens more to photograph and list !! I worked hard to make them and now I have to get them in my Etsy store !! I am up to 142 items, so I am excited !! I should have enough items to get me to 200 in the next few weeks !!  I have few things in the works, some more wine charms and I have more stone set projects set out as well .

I will be working on my Christmas items, more of the candy canes in differant colors. My Christmas tree and Santa earrings as well.

Thanks for stopping by , I really appreciate it !! I would love to hear from you , I love comments !!


3 responses to “New Etsy listings”

  1. A little something for everyone here! I love those circular brass ear wires – fab!


    1. Thanks Tracy !! I find your jewelry a huge inspiration and you are why I decided to dig out all the stone beads I have and make something with them. I do not have any stone beads like yours , but I do have some pretty ones , and I have been meaning to use my stones for a long time, and hav used them e a bit in my wine charms and an occasional necklace, or bracelet, or earrings, but your amazing pieces really inspired me to try harder to design some larger items with my stone beads !!!
      I still love my glass beads best, but your beautiful pieces made me really appreciate stone jewelry !!


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