Pirate wine charms , Christmas wine charms

I had some fun last night making some pirate wine charms. I bought some really nice charms and thought they would make great wine charms !!  I got the first set done last night and then played with the Christmas charms and I am going to get them put together later today !!!

I got the first set of pirate wine charms listed on my Etsy acount.

Here are some pictures




even the back is detailed, the skull, treasure chest and coin have a back that looks like a back, the ship, saber and flag are the same on both sides, so if the charms flip over, it is stil nice !!!


I love these and have enough for another set, just got to make them

I also bought some cute Christmas charms, a great gift or just somethign for someone to buy for thier own parties !! I decided since the charms are what make them differant I would just do half with small red and big green and half with small green , large red.

I love how they came out but I am so very  disapointed that the camera will not pick up the bright rich red. It is a brillent cherry red and looks browner in the pictures, the green is much prettier in person as well. But here are the pictures of the finished set. It is a 8 charm set, a bit larger but people intertain more during the holidays and having a larger set is helpful.








The charms are two sided and all but three  have the same on both sides, but these htree  have a differant back, so here is the back on those charms



I will have two sets of these to list as well. They are just so beautiful in person, I just have not been able to get good pictures of my red beads no matter what camera we use, inside or outside, natural light, or lights, it is so frustrating because the pictures just do not do them justice at all !!!

so, I just have to list t hem with these pictures and hope my descriptions help !!

The pirates are already in my etsy store and the Christmas charms are heading there next !! I am very excited about them both !!

Thanks for stopping by !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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