Hemetite stone necklace, something new !!

I am still pretty new to working with stone as the main element of my pieces. This is something my husband has been encouraging me to do . and something I have been wanting to do, so today I got out my stone beads and made a hemetite and large glass faceted bead necklace !!
I have all my beading books and bead size measurement guides still packed, so I cannot say what size of beads they are, but they are quite large. I used my ruler to take pictures.

I doubt these will be the listing pictures, but I wanted to get it on the site to share !! I am pretty proud of it and learned that ginormous hemetite beads are very hard to photograph, they reflect you like a mirror and make it very hard to get a close up shot, so I will have to figure that out !!

If I do decide to use some of these to list, I will probably replace them later with better ones !!

Anyway, here is my newest bauble, enjoy !!!

here are the beads, you can see my camera and hands in the picture, pretty funny !!!











the beaded section is almost nine inches long






I will be adding it into my store either later tonight or tomorrow !!  I will be listing it at 35.00 plus shipping which I have to research but looks like it will be around 6 bucks, based on some things I have shipped and what other people with large pieces are charging.

Thanks for stopping by !!


2 responses to “Hemetite stone necklace, something new !!”

  1. Well done, this is a beautiful necklace and the chain works wonderfully with the stones. I love working with stone myself, i’m glad that your husband encouraged you to do this. Looking forward to seeing more!


    1. Thanks Dee, that means a lot coming from you !! I am really beginning to appreciate stone !! I have always loved my sparkly beads, but my hubby made me think out side the box and stock up on stone our last time at the bead market, and then seeing all you talented jewelry designers use stone has really inspired me.I have a goood amount of it now , so I plan to use it a lot more !!


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