Projects I am planning !!

I have charms ordered for some new projects but for the meantime, I have a couple of wine charm sets I am going to make up tonight.

One features a really fun set of charms I bought a while back on Etsy, and I am making two sets of four, each set a bit differant in case the same person wants both sets.



Figured I would use black, red, white and silver glass beads for this set !!



The other set is guitar picks !! Our oldest grandaughter and I have made some necklaces, some featured on my etsy site, and used these pretty picks. I am not making any more and still have a good amount of the picks left and figured they would make really fun wine charms,

A set of six, perfect for any music lover !!!



matched with beads, it will be a fun set !!! Do they go small side up, or small side down, hmm, not sure yet  !!!



The pearl colors are just so rich and pretty !!! I will share them with you here when they are done !!

I ordered four sets of charms last night and  today to make some really interesting sets of wine charms, I cannot wait to show you what I am up to !!

So, working to get a lot of fun new things in my etsy store and listed on Lindas site !!

A got some pictures of a butterfly tonight,  he was very busy, eating like crazy !! Our pretty  lantana are like a butterfly magnet !!







The other evening  I got this beauty !!










I saw this little guy too, was he ever fast, only shot he let me get !!!



Thanks for coming by !! I always appreciate it  !!  Will be sharing my new sets with you tomorrow !!


2 responses to “Projects I am planning !!”

  1. Such lovely pictures Stephie, I love it! You’re so talented!
    Blessings. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Seyi, I enjoy your blog very much and your opinion means a lot to me !!


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