Fairy names

For fun I went to a site called The original fairy name generator !!  A good friend shared her fairy name on facebook with the link, I had to try it !! I have always loved stories about fairies and sprites and elves so what  a fun thing to do !! Here is the link they gave me to share my fairy  name and traits and  a link to the site.http://fairy.namegeneratorfun.com

generator!” title=”Get your own fairy name from the fairy name generator!” /></a><h3><a href=”http://fairy.namegeneratorfun.com”>My fairy name is North Goblinwitch.She  brings riches and wealth.She  lives where the Celts and the Norse people live. She  can only be seen in the enchanted moment between sleep and waking. She wears pure white  and has gentle green wings like a butterfly. href=”http://fairy.namegeneratorfun.com”>Get your own fairy name from the fairy name generator!

How fun is that !!

I have always loved folk lore about fairies and making some beaded fairy wings has been on my list for some time but I have just never gotten to it, but I think I will do that very soon, when I am done with some projects I just started, I will be sure and post it on my beading blog and put a link here when they are done !!

So, everyone find out your fairy name and traits, it is just for fun and will make you smile !!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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