New autumn inspired earrings

I am working to get new items in my Etsy store and on a wonderful site my new blogger friend runs, Creative artworks blog, a link is on the side of my page.

I came up with four pairs of fun earrings yesterday she is listing and I plan to list today on Etsy. I hope you will check out her site, she has some wonderful artists, including herself, on the site !!

Some candy corn inspired earrings





Autumn colors inspired these pairs , reds, oranges , and browns, all glass beads  The reds are rich and pretty, I am so frustrated that no camera I have tried seems to capture the color of my beautiful red beads !!






I adore fall and the colors of fall give me so much inspiration !! I also love candy corns, not to eat, but the colors, they are so pretty and i Love creating them in my jewelry. I made these cute candy corn pins back in 1994, I got a special order for 100 and was not business savy so I did not think to get paid in advance, got them all done, printed out on felt ,  cut out, sewn together all by hand and she did not want the order anymore !! I still have very close to 50 left and they are both on Etsy and Lindas site !!




I will be adding a lot more fall jewelry this next week, I love fall and have so many wonderful beads to choose from !!!  I will share as I create !! Thanks so much for stopping by and let me know if I can make something for you !!!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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