Playing with felt.

Felt is one my favorite mediums to work with. I love to bead it, sew it, paint on it . It is a fun fabric with some many wonderful colors and patterns available now a days.

I was looking for something yesterday and found some felt pins I made years ago and thought I would share them. Some are painted, some are sewn, but all were fun to make.

This was white felt that I cut into a ghost shape and then used paint to give him a fun look. The fibers of the felt make it easy to get this look with the regular craft paint. I used little google eyes and a pin back on the back. I cut out two shapes so I could glue two ghosts together to give it more support and then the pin is on the back one after I glued them together. I painted around the edges too which you can see in the bottom picture !!



like the ghost, I cut out pumpkin shapes in orange and black, black for the back. I hand painted autumn colors on the front to give it some detail and then glued the two shapes together as I did with the ghost and then a pin back to the back.

The apples are more simple, I just painted the stem and leaf, then finished like the others. I made smaller ones too and they were popular teacher gifts back in the day !!!



I hand painted these tiny turkeys too, they were a lot of fun and I made them in several autumn shades of felt !! Here are two of the shades, the other was a rusty color orange


a more simple snow man, I just daubed paint and used it to hold the beads in place. Cut out a felt hat to glue on and tied a tiny bow and glued it on as well. Made these with colored beads too as the buttons and matched the felt on back to the bow or beads, they are fun to make too !! These are about 20 years old as well.


My absolute favorite  thing to do is embellish the felt with beads and sequins  and here are a few really old pieces I did. I have a few others, but since the move they are still hidden away, but I was able to find these three  to share. They are over  twenty years old each.










So, these are a few of my beaded and painted felt creations. I love working with felt, beads , and sequins and they remain my favorate medium to work with , and of course some paint now and again as well !!

Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate it !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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