New generation of bead artists

I think when you love doing something ,and have passion for it. One of the most wonderful things is when you can share it with others. Teaching others to do what you are so passionate about gives you that chance to share your passion and love for that art !!

I am having the joy of teaching our grand daughters how to do bead work. They have previous sewing experience. Thier mom, our youngest daughter, taught her two oldest to sew at three years old and will most likley start teaching her youngest, who is just turning three , this coming year.

Here are some shots of what they are up to. I let them chose thier projects and colors and showed them once what to do, and they took off and are having a blast !!!

Here is thier progress so far !!

this is our almost seven year olds little dress she is decorating !!  She picked her colors and took off. She picked the wild leapard for the unbeaded back when we stitch them together !! I am letting them make all the decisions on thier pieces and enjoy watching what they choose !!


I love how at six and a half she figured out how she could layer the gold sequins over the flower sequins to give a differant effect !! I can only imagine what she will come up with as she grows in her craft !!!


I started her  younger sister, five years old with a simple piece, a heart, luckily that is what she chose or I would have had to steer her to it, and then she picked out all her colors and decided the blue would be the back !!




The tv I put in there for that reason got some use, I love it when  plan comes together !!!


you can see thier breakfast dishes , sorry !!! We helped them move into t hier new house this weekend and this grandma is extremely sore and tired today !!!

What fun to encourage and nuture the next generation of artists. I am so proud of them and how well they did with very little help. One of t hier sewing kits is on the table. Thier momma, our youngest daughter, just bought them each a box and stocked it with all the basic sewing notions they would need. She bought the almost 3 year old a box, but has not stocked it yet !!

Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate it !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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