Vintage fun !!!!

When unpacking a very old suitcase we use as decoration and to store our grandkids art supplies, we were surprised to find a few things that we did not know were in that suitcase !! Some wood lamp bases, night stand size, painted, perfect for our grandkids new bedrooms, they are moving into in a new house tomorrow !! We also found a wonderful old sewing box and a collection of old glass tubes filled with seed beads and sequins and some old vintage notions.







These tubes are glass in two sizes , most with cork stoppers, and many are full of older seed beads and sequiins and some are empty


I love old sequins and hope to buy more vintage sequins, I love the quality although they will be kept in the bag and not used !!


I love old needles, I have a few packages of old needles and can add this one to my collection !!


they are so pretty, just a few of the tubes in the box !! Cork and glass, I love the textures of the vintage tubes, so much nicer than plastic !!



I even found these cute little bells !!!


What a fun little surprise, I had forgotten I had these and I was excited to find and share them !!!

Thanks so much for stopping by !! I really appreciate it !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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