sequins, my happy addiction !!!!

To say I am addicted to beads and sequins is not a lie. I know I do not need one more bead, one more sequin, but that does not stop me. I . still . buy ….. too many !!!! I do not buy them often, but I still do buy !!
I ordered more sequins because some I loved were being discontinued and some I had never bought were being discontinued and then once shopping , bought some that were not discontinued but I did not have. I am so grateful to be addicted to somethign that costs 1.25 to 1.50 a bag. This is for 800 to 1000 pieces per bag, most of the time !!
So, figured I would share my new pretties with you. Next week I plan to start working on some fun projects with the sequins and beads and felt.

here is my box of goodies !!!



these are all the whites and creams I added !! Moonshine is a new favorate, a silvery shimmery clear, but there are so many pretty shades of white and cream !!



I did not have a lot of yellow, so I made sure I got some really pretty ones and added a few that I had and love !!


with autumn projects in mind,  I stocked up on some awesome autumn colors, rich and beautiful !!!



lots of pink, especially loved mambo melon , how can you resist that !!!??



did not need as many blues !!! Got some lovely ones though !!!


Green, especially Christmas green as it was being discontinued. I had a few, but got a few more as it is such a lovely shade !! A light chartreuse was left on my desk and did not make it into the picture, found it later, so there was one more green in the order than the picture shows !!!


browns, I am not sure why it has such strong green highlights in the picture but it does have an irredsecent coating so in the picture the green stood out. They do not look green in person !!


Keep in mind, this is just the order I just got. I have many, many more. In my nex post I will share all my sequins , it is a lot !!

I love felt, sequins and seed beads, along with my large beads, but the felt seed beads ands sequins are among the cheapest craft items you can but, but you can do so much with them !! I love all the new felts, that will be a future blog post. I will hit the local craft store and take pictures of the differant felts they have, it is very inspiring !!

At the top of the page should be a page with my felt stuff, angels and ornaments so you can see the kind of stuff I love to make !!!

Thanks for stopping by !! I hope you love sequins too !!!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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