Ta daaaa !!! with dramatic arm flourish !!!

Whew, for the most part the closet is done !! That does not mean things will not get moved around a bit more, and I am still missing my shoe box of fimo clay, but it is done !!

Here is my new bead closet / studio !!!



I am so happy to have my beads and baubles back where I can get to them, I really missed them a lot !!!

Just wanted to share !!!!

Have a great day  !!!



5 responses to “Ta daaaa !!! with dramatic arm flourish !!!”

  1. This looks fabulous, Stephie. You are so organized! I could learn from this!


    1. Thank you so much !! It was a lot of fun, and it will be a challenge to keep it this organized, but I kind of have no choice in this house !! It has nowhere elso to go, lol !!


  2. Wondering if you created the pearl and charm bracelet from rear window.
    I want it!!!!!!


    1. Hi Lisa, no, not yet. It is gold and finding gold findings like they used is quite a challenge. My customer wants a gold and pearl combo. So, we are working on a compromise at this point, not really close to this set, but when it it is done I will share it. I am looking for a few things for that bracelet too. We are using a set she had, and redoing it, it will be inspired by the rear window bracelet, but just will not be the bracelet we want to make.
      I promise if I can find the parts and get it done, I will post a lot of p ictures of it. A lot of people love that bracelet !! I know I am not the first to attempt it !!!


    2. not yet, it is really hard to find the items I need to make it. It appears to be a gold six strand slider clasp, and then some gold and pearl larger sized beads, and then gold two hole spacers. Not to mention charms hanging from the loops on the clasp !! I promise to share everythign once I get it figured out, stuff bought and it put together. It is still a work in progress !!


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