Now the work begins !!!

Wow, I have my work cut out for me. My wonderful husband built the shelves in the den closet for all my beads and other crafting supplies and then he brought all the boxes in from the garage. I have a lot of work to do !!

Here is my wonderful closet !! I told him to forget painting it, it would take time to dry and then stuff would stick to it, I would rather just have the wood. The orginal top shelf is white, but that is fine.




the white shelf up top was there, he added another large one like that and then he put the rest narrower as my bead boxes will go on those.

Here are all the boxes I have to go through. Not everything is beads, but most of it is beading related, but I have some fabric and other great crafting stuff, all the stuff that was on the shelves in my apartment studioi is in those boxes and all the stuff on the work bench, all my craft and beading supplies are in these boxes, it is a lot more than I even imagined !!




so, this is my job today !! Unpack all those boxes and fit it all in that closet !! It should be okay, but we will see. I had two book cases, part of another book case and under my work table full. It will be a challange to fit it all !! I have no choice but to accept that challenge and do the best I can. I am happy that my beads wil be available to me again. It has been close to six weeks since I have had access to them.

I will share the results when I am done !!  Bead market is this weekend, guess what ?   I am NOT going this time !!!!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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